When was the classical era

What are the major differences between baroque and classical music?

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Melodies got ______

Textures changed to ________

There were _____ moods in a piece

Orchestra got _______

Added instruments: 


Melodies got simpler

Textures changed to homophonic

There were multiple moods in a piece

Orchestra got bigger

Added instruments: timpani, horn pairs, picollo, trombone, etc


What happened with the basso continuo?
it went away
What were the 2 new genres in this era?
String quartet and symphony
What genres went away in this era?
trio sonata, concerto grosso, suites
What were Bach’s sons names?
Johann Christian and Carl Phillip Emanuel
What are the four parts of sonata-allegro form?





What happens in the exposition in sonata-allegro form?

First theme in tonic key

bridge containing modulation from home key to new key

second theme in new key

closing section in key of second theme

What happens in the coda of sonata-allegro form?
The coda rounds off a movement by repeating themes or developing them further. it always ends in the tonic key.
What is a common rondo pattern?
What meter is a minuet in?
triple meter
When did Mozart live?
When did Beethoven live?
How many string quartets and symphony did Haydn write?
68 and 104. also, a lot
Where was Haydn from?
Where did Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven train?
What family did Haydn work for?
The Esterhazy family
What form is Haydn’s Symphony #94 Surprise in?
Theme and variation form
Where was Mozart born?
Salzburg, Austria
What instrument did Beethoven play?
How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
How many operas did Beethoven write?
1. Fidelio. It didn’t go well
How old was Beethoven when he went deaf?
around 30
What do we call the letters where Beethoven thought about killing himself?
Heiligenstalt testiments
Describe Beethoven’s early period.
It was classical, like Haydn on crack
Describe Beethoven’s middle period.
‘heroic.’ Symphony #3 – Eroica. Larger orchestra. Longer, more complex pieces, focusing on development of themes.
Describe Beethoven’s late period.

He thought he was pregnant.


experimental, seeking new modes of expression, still within classical forms

Who was Eroica originally dedicated to?
What were some of the innovations of Beethoven’s 5th symphony?

Added piccolo, trombone, contrabassoon to the orchestra

Builds symphony on 4-note motive

Unifies movements

No break between III and IV