Jean-Baptist Lully

Took over French Opera

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 First did comedie ballet


through legal process and in cahoots with king owned all opera in france


wrote armide 


use homophony

liked seconda prattica

wrote operas, actually wrote first opera, but all music is lost 


wrote Euridice that was performed first

 used seconda prattica

big on monody 


wrote first opera that worked, Orfeo

great composer, liked to try new styles 

Emilio de’ Cavlieri
wrote operas and the first oratorio

one of the greatest english composers


wrote dido and aeneas, only opera he wrote

loved semi operas

no men;

Marc’ Antonio Cest

wrote biggest opera ever

Il pomo d’ oro (the golden apple);

George Frideric Handel
wrote oratorios, mainly The Messiah
alessandro scarlatti
one of first great masters of opera seria
isabella leonarda
lived in convent, wrote over 200 works, mainly solo motets
one of the most famous castrato singers
J.S. Bach

One of the most prolific composers ever


Wrote disgustingly large amounts of music


Many, many, many cantatas


Changed music, and his effects are still felt today;

Antonio Vivaldi

wrote opera seria


red priest


wrote for the girls school at which he taught


wrote many concertos, but not much difference in them…;

Girolamo Frescobaldi

very important keyboard composer of baroque era


cultivated virtusally every keybaord genre of his era;

Dietrich Buxtehude

best organist of his day


much of his organs work are part of the standard rep of today;

Jean-Philippe Rameau

wrote French Opera

;major theorist

great organist and harpsichordist

wrote great harpsichord music;

Bartolomeo Cristofori
invented pianoforte
His intermezzo was turned into an opera buffa.



Reform Opera;


Music was wonderfully elaborate and ahead of its time

;he was annoying

a young prodigy

wrote music in head before writing it

wrote an astonishing amount of music

explored every genre of opera;


wrote symphonies and string quartets

father of both;


Wrote Songs


Kennst du das Land?;