Johann Pestolozzi
teaching should be through the senses
Lowell Mason

father of music education


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incorporated music into the curriculum in public schools in Boston

Normal schools
schools where people went to get teaching certification
John Dewey

major progressive educator


believed that students should learn by doing

Will Earhardt
introduced orchestra in public schools
Joseph Maddy
created the Interlochen Center for the Arts
Tanglewood Symposium

Sponsored by MENC


Discuss and define the role of music education in American society; how to make it better

Yale Seminar
consider the problems facing music education and to propose possible solutions
Young Composers Project

put young composers into schools to compose contemporary music to broaden horizons.


a lot of educators had a hard time handling change

Manhattanville Music Curriculum
a music education curricular plan that sought to improve music education through a child-centered approach.
What is a profession?


repsonsible for decision

commitment to work

professional organization

Title I
money to low income families
Title II
libary resources
Title III

provided education for disabled children


Education for All Act
required schools to provide equal education for handicapped
putting disable children in “normal” classrooms
A Nation at Risk
a report on Reagan’s view of education that says that schools are failing and need serious reform
Horace Mann
father of public education
the Gary Plan
divided school into groups, incorporated work, study, and play

Elementary and Secondary Education Act



funded primary and secondary public schools

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

prohibits discriminations based on disability
Kodaly method

movable do


hand symbols for singing

uses instruments and singing and clapping to learn music
music taught in a movement oriented way
Suzuki method

teach from a very early age


kid sized instruments