Ethnic Music
the music from a group of people who share a common history over a long period of time
folk music
ethnic music of everyday life.
Ex. love songs, work songs, children songs
traditional music
sophisticated music from another part of the world.
Ex. Chinese Opera
Huang Chung
all music came from one foundation tone
12 notes in Chinese music
Sacred book in Hindu religion
5 scale pattern in Hindu music based on 12 Western scale
raga associated with something feminine
basic unit and rhythm
Call & Response Style
soloist sings a line of music and the group sings it back
Vision Quest
the person would go into a trance and would come out with a new song to sing
combines speech & song
Gregorian chant
first large body of music that was written down
public worship done by a religious group
time of worship for the general public of the catholic religion
mass ordinary
words never change
mass proper
words change every time
type of music that was created when additional lines of music was added to a chant that people already knew