Joseph Marie-Jacquard
First Used Punched Cards To Program Weaving Looms. (US Census of 1890 took only 6 weeks)
Charles Babbage
In The 1820’s Started Work on “Difference Engine,” Performed Various Mathematical Calculations.
Herman Hollerith
Developed Punch Card Reading machine.
Vacuum Tubes
Radio Waves Converted into electricity.
Analog Computers
Used Physically Moving Parts To Perform Computations.
Differential Analyzer
Built Using Rods, Gears, Electric Motors, And Pulleys. Millitary use for long range weaponry. Considered One of the first “digital computers.
Harvard Mark 1
Completed in 1944 at Harvard. Financed by the military. Used for calculating the equations and formulas of the atomic bomb.
Harvard Mark II
Claimed fame for being the first computer to have a “bug,” literally a moth had gotten stuck within the computer.
Computer designed to crack Hitlers code “Ultra, or Fish”
Electronic numeric integrator and computer. better and faster way of doing calculations
Error Free Runtime of 8 hours. (electronic discrete variable automatic calculator)
electronic delay storage automatic calculator. historys first certified stored-program computer.
universal automatic computer. size of small garage. 46 were constructed each with the going rate of $1,000,000 used by several different millitary brances.
gives off less heat, uses slightly less power and MUCh smaller than vacuum tubes. contributions for the transistor were largely impart due to the space race.
Computer companys realized the need for smaller and personal desktops.
Computer code instructs the computer how to carry out specified processing tasks.
Bjarne Stroutstrup
Created the C++ computer language.
Altair 8800
First consumer priced pc
Apple I
circuit board with built-in connections for a video monitor, tape drive, and keyboard. Did not include case, purchasers needed too build their own.
Apple II
First personal computer that supported a color display. $1300
First spreadsheet program-forerunner to excel
First pc maufacturer to gross 1 billion dollars in computer sales.