What was Minton’s Playhouse?
A jazz club on the first floor of the Cecil Hotel
What were the attributes of the Modern Jazz Quartet?
Neoclassical; cool
Which regional big band style was dominated by riffs rather than elaborately written out arrangements?
Kansas City
How did Charlie Christian change the role of jazz guitar?
He was one of the first to use it as a solo instrument
Art Tatum was certainly a virtuoso pianist, but he made a unique contribution to jazz players of all instruments. What was this contribution?
He was a pioneer of “substitute chords”: more complex chords which are substituted for, or added to, the original chords of a tune
“The Prez” was a nickname for which great jazz tenor player?
Lester Young
Jazz is a fusion of which African and European elements?
European harmonies and African rhythms
How many horns usually made up a New Orleans jazz band “front line”?
Three melody instuments of clarinet, trumpet/cornet, and trombone
Ast the 1920’s progressed and stars such as Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke emerged, how did the presentation of jazz change?
These players began to change the characteristic polyphonic texture of New Orleans into a soloist-led music.
How did the creation of Storyville actually help speed along the evolution of jazz?
It brought together the classically trained “Creoles of color” with black musicians who had learned their music by ear, forcing both groups to learn new styles of playing.