What is Minton’s Playhouse?
A club in harlem where bebop started
What are the attributes of the modern jazz quartet (mjq)?
it’s milt jackson, vibes, john lewis piano, percy heath bass, kenny clark/ connie kay drums. est in 1952. members of dizzy’s big band
Which regional big band style was dominated by riffs rather than elaborately written out arrangements?
Kansas/ count basie
Which of the following characteristics describe Coleman Hawkins sound?
“Coleman is big, rich, lots of vibrato.
lester is light, hollowed out, reedy.”
How did Charlie Christian change the role of jazz guitar?
Turned guitar into a soloing instrument.
What was the unique contribution Art Tatum did to all player?
What is the woodside in count basies tune?
A hotel in Harlem
What musician is known by the nickname, the pres?
Lester Young
European vs African attributes
“European – group sound / harmonic structure
African – syncopation, tamber, individual sound concept, blue notes, call in response”
How many horns usually make up a new orleans jazz frontline (Dixieland band)?
How did the presentation of jazz change as star soloists came along?
turned from group improv to soloist led
How did the creation of storeyville help speed along the evolution of jazz?
creoles and blacks were mixed and shared ideas
After mel lewis died, what did the band become known as?
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
“A view from the side” and “brilliant corners” are two albums by which big band?
Contemporary Bill Homan Band
What did Bob Florence call his big band?
The Limited Edition
One NY big band that used one French horn and one tuba?
McCoy Tyner
From studio band projects, one recording band that used one trombone, who?
GRP Big Band
Evanescence, Comeing About, and Allegreece and Concert in the Garden are all albums by whom?
Maria Schneider Orchestra
Go over list of international big bands
“Kenny Clark/Fancy Boland Big Band,
Rob McConnell and The Boss Brass – Canada,
Peter Herbolzheimer R C and B – Germany,
Norbotten Big Band w/ Tim Hagens – Sweeden,
Metropole Orchestra – Denmark,
WDR Big Band – Germany”
which big band uses 6 saxophones? 2a 2t 2b
Bob Florence
All La rehearsal band leaders are great instrumentalist, but which one also sings?
Jack Sheldon
Uptown Downtown, Journey, and The Turning Point are albums by?
McCoy Tyner
Which of the NY bands does not use baritone saxophone?
McCoy Tyner
Which band has 1a 2t and 2b?
Stan Kenton
Who are the arrangers that write for Maria Schneider’s Big Band?
Maria Schneider
Which Big Band has 3t 1b?
Woody Herman
Which band recorded the album, More Blues and the Abstract Truth?
Oliver Nelson
Review the names of Gil Evans albums?
Gil Evans & Ten, Out of the Cool, The Individualism of Gil Evans, Birth of the Cool
The album… and his mother called him Bill, Bill refers to who?
Billy Strayhorn – dukes arranger
Which band recorded New Concepts of Artistry and Rhythm?
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Of the most important bands, which one of them was not a road band?
Which band was intentionally pianoless?
Gerry Mulligan
Go over in first 6 bands, go over famous sidemen and arrangers that got there start, ellington, bassie, Kenton, herman, buddy rich, Maynard ferguson… a list of at least 5 people
Know 3 important gil evans miles davis albums… 3 albums
Miles Ahead, Sketches of Spain, Porgy and Bess
Who wrote the arrangements for The Atomic Mr. Basie?
Neal Hefti
What famous artist wrote the album Quintessence?
Quincy Jones
Which composer intentially wrote quarter tones… or are there 2 of them?
Gil Evans and Don Ellis
Of the major trend setting bands, Which one had the fewest personnel changes?
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Miles davis album kind of blue is an example of which jazz stylistic approach?
Modal Jazz
Who did Clifford brown co lead a quartet with?
Max Roach
Cannonball adderly invited his then employer on “something else”.. who was that employer?
Miles Davis
Who were the famous jones brothers in jazz? 3.
Elvin (Drums), Hank (Piano), and Thad Jones
Which jazz pianist was also killed with Clifford brown?
Richie Powell
Which term best describes the personnel on Cannonball Adderly Quartert in Chicago album?
1st Miles Davis Sextet minus Miles
Which 2 saxophonists were features on the album, the boss tenors?
Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons
What was the name of Art blakey’s group?
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
Dave Brubeck had hit tune, take five is off of what album?
Time Out
What was the only album john coltrane made as a leader on blunote?
Blue Train
When rhythm section showed up to record giant steps, were they sight reading?
The tune Naima on giant steps is named after?
Coltrane’s first wife
Review all the famous john Coltrane albums.
Blue Train, Giant Steps, My favorite things, Ballads, Live at Birdland, John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman, A love supreme, Complete 1964 Village Vanguard recordings
Know the name of the four guys in the john coltrane classic quartet.
Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison
Personnel of miles davis 1st and 2nd quintets.
“1st – philly joe jones, paul chamber, red garland, john coltarane
2nd – tony williams, ron carter, herbie hancock, wayne shorter”
Most of the albums by miles davis and his first classic quartet are on what label?
Which composer wrote que pasa? Nutville and Sister sadie?
Horace Silver
Who is the personnel on Herbie Hancock’s, Maiden Voyage?
George Coleman, Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, Tony Williams
Who are the two guys on duke ellington’s money jungle?
Max Roach and Charles Mingus
Which artist had best selling jazz album entitled concert by the sea?
Errol Garner
What tenor players were on the album, Tough Tenor Favorites?
Johnny Griffin and Sonny Stitt
Know the five famous jazz players that were on the album, Jazz at Massy Hall?
Dizzy, Parker, Mingus, Roach, and Bud Powell
Know the five famous jazz players that were on the album, Jazz at Massy Hall?
Dizzy, Parker, Mingus, Roach, and Bud Powell
Dizzy Gillepsie made an album with which famous swing trumpet player?
Roy Eldridge
What was the only album sonny rollins and john coltrane played on together?
Tenor Madness
The very famous album sonny side up is Dizzy Gilepsie and?
Sonny Stitt and Sonny Rollins
Who were the saxes on a blowin’ session?
Johnny Griffin, Hank Mobley, John Coltrane
Who were the horn players on the album, For Musician’s Only?
Dizzy Gillespie and Sonny Stitt
What was stan getz favorite album of his own work?
Review the names of the joe henderson albums? 5 of them.
Page one, In and Out, Lush Life: Music of Billy Strayhorn, Mode for Joe, Inner urge
Review 2 famous lee morgan albums.
Cornbread and The Sidewinder
Wes Montgomery albums?
The Incredible jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery, Smokin’ at the Half Note, Full House
Know two famous oscar peterson trios.
“1st – Ray Brown(Bass), Ed Thigpen(Drums)
2nd – Joe Pass(Guitar), Niel Peterson(bass)”
Gerry mulligan had a piano less quartet with which jazz trumpeter?
Chet Baker
Which artist had famous album ju ju and speak no evil?
Wayne Shorter
Who were the personnel on the album bird and dizz? The only time they recorded with who?
Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Curt Russell, Buddy Rich, Thelonius Monk
What was the name of miles’ very first sextet album?
Review and identify the 3 Horace Silver albums?
Song for my Father, Blowin’ the Blues Away, and Cape Verdean Blues
Which jazz artist was known by the nickname bags?
Milt Jackson
10 names from musician’s list.
Which singer recorded an extensive songbook series?
Ella Fitzgerald
Which artist sang on the album, lady sings the blues?
Billie Holliday
Who was Lady Day?
Billie Holiday
Who was Sassy?
Sarah Vaughn
Who was Mr. B?
Billy Eckstine
What two famous quintets did Nancy Wilson make albums with?
Cannonball Adderley and George Shearing
Sarah Vaughan made a famous album with what Big Band?
Count Basie
Who is velvet fog?
Mel Torme
Who recorded with miles davis?
Bob Dorough