Minor 2 UP

Major 2nd UP

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Happy Birthday

minor third up

Somewhere Out there

Major 3rd up

Spaghetti Is Ready

Perfect 4th up

Here Comes The Bride

Tritone Up


Perfect 5th Up

Star Wars

Minor 6th Up

A Day in the Life of a Fool


Major 6 up


Minor 7 UP

Somewhere (theres a place for Us)


Major seventh up

Moon River

Minor 2nd down

Fur Elise


Major Second down


minor third down


Major third down

Swing Low

Perfect 4th Down

Sing Noel

Tritone down

Who Knows

Perfect 5th down

Oompa Loomp

minor 6th down

Love Story

Major 6th down


minor 7th down

Watermelon Man


Major Seventh Down

I Love You