When was the Telegraph invented?
When was the Telephone invented?
What is ARPANET?
4 University computer connected in Southwest U.S. in 1969, which was government funded.
Domain Name System (1980) ex. www.fullsail.edu
When was WWW introduced?
In 1991 at CERN
When year was the 1st use of Hypertext?
What is another name for Mosaic browser, 1993?
What is HTTP?
HyperText Transfer Protocol, Used for HTML sites, one way communication
What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol; online file sharing, two way communication.
This government agency ended the sponsorship of the internet.
What is Bandwidth?
Frequency Range
What is Throughput?
Amount of data per second
What is a Twisted Pair?
CATI, 5 and 6
What is the foundation of most LANs?
Line Mediums
Bandwidth, Throughput, Twisted Pair, Coaxial, Fiber Optics, Electromagnetic
Bitmapped/Raster Images
Fixed at a Resolution (TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG)
What is JPEG?
Compression, drawn using math formulas, EPS, CAD and Animation Software.
Audio Container Formats
Uncompressed Audio, Wav:Mirosoft, AIFF: Apple, Contain raw audio data.
Digital Audio
Pulse Code Modulation
Sample Rate (digital audio)
CD Standard 44.1 kHz
Quantization (digital audio)
CD Standard 16 bit
At CD quality
44.1 kHz , 16 bit
Video Container Formats
Audio Video Interleave (AVI): Microsoft, Advanced System Format (ASF): Microsoft.
Quicktime Movie
(.MOV) Apple
VIdeo Object
MPEG Organization
Real Media
Real Networks
Encoder/Decoder, COmpressed data, can be hardware or software.
Origianl called MPEG 1, Designed for 352 X 240 Resolutions @ 30 fsp (VHS quality).
Progressive Video
MPEG 1 gives up MP3
is MPEG 1-Layer 3, Breks sound into 576 frequency components, Up to 48 kHz sample rate in stereo.
MPEG Audio Compression
Splits frequency bands.
Perceptual Noise Shaping
We hear certain frequencies better than others. When two sound occur, we mostly perceive the louder sound.
Handles interlaced and progressive encoding, Designed for NTSC (480i), Modified for HDTV, MPEG only record pixels that change.
Interactivity, Scalable for internet and broadcast. Uses ITU H. 264 Video Codec. AAC, up to 96kHz sample rate, Support multichannel (surround)
Digitial Right Management
What is AAC?
Advanced Audio Coding
Authoring Software
Allows for synchronizing elements of a multimedia project without knowing code.
Finalizing the project
One Off = Test Copy
Compact Disc Media
Distinguished by different colored “books”
CD-dA (digital audio) is Red Book.
Original standard CD help 650 MB, Today up to 700 MB
Digital Versatile Disc Media
Books differ by letter (DVD-Video is Book B) DVD can hold up 17.9 GB
DVD can hold..
Up to 17.9 GB
Region Codes
To control movie release dates across different continents. U.S.= code 1, South America Code 4, etc.
CD 780nM DVD 650nM
Track recorded from center to outside, Lands deflect from pickup, Pits reflect to pick, When laser changes, it is registered as 1. No change is 0.
Both support 1080p and addition video and audio codecs.
Blu-Ray’s data layer…
Is closer to the laser
Blu Ray’s laser..
Blu Rays laser “focus” allows for smaller track pitch