When was Miles Davis born? Where? When Did he Die?
Born:May 26th 1926-Alton Illinois
Died: Sept 28th 1991
When was Coltrane Born? Where? When did he Die?
Born:Sept 23rd 1926-Hamlet, NC
Died: July 17th 1967
When was Kind of Blue Recorded
March and Aprill, 1959
When was Bitches Brew Recorded
Aug 19, 1969-Jan 28, 1970
(probably just know 69-70)
When Was Herbie Hancock Born?
April 12th, 1940-In Chicago
When was Mingus born?When did he Die?
Born:April 22nd 1922-In Arizona
Died:Jan 5th-1979
When and Where was Ornette Coleman Born?
March 9th, 1930 Fortworth texas
When was Chick Corea born?
June 12th 1941
When was Bill Evans born
Aug 16th, 1929 (NJ)
Sep 15th-1980
When was Wynton Marsalis Born
Oct 18th ,1961
(This probably isnt important)