The Sonics
Lenny Kaye- produced the album Nuggest which The Sonics’ “Strychnine” was on
John Sinclair – manager
The Stooges

Iggy Pop – vocals

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John Cale – producer (same as The Velvet Underground)

The Modern Lovers

Johnathan Richman – vocals/guitar/songs

Jerry Harrison – keys

John Cale – producer (same from Stooges and VU)


Tom Verlaine – guitars/vocals/songs

Richard Hell – bass

Malcom Maclaren – manager of the NY Dolls who saw Hell and took style back to the U.K.

Talking Heads

David Byrne – vocals/guitar/songs

Chris Frantz – drums

Tina Weymouth – bass

Jerry Harrison – keys/guitar (from The Modern Lovers)

Debbie Harry
Patti Smith
Lenny Kaye (produced Nuggets, which The Sonic’s Strychnine was on), played guitar at her poetry readings and eventually they formed a complete band
The Ramones
Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy – got name from Paul McCartney who would use the psuedonym Paul Ramone at hotels
X-Ray Spex
Poly Styrene – vocals
The Pretenders
Chrissie Hynde – vocals/guitar/songs
Public Image Ltd
John Lydon (from Sex Pistols)
Joy Division
Ian Curtis – vocals/lyrics
The Cure
Robert Smith – guitar/vocals/songs
The Smiths

Morrissey – vocals/lyrics

Johnny Marr – guitar

Brian Eno – producer
The Police

Sting – bass/vocals/songs

Stewart Copeland – drums

Andy Summers – guitar


Andy Partridge – vocals/guitar/songs

Colin Moulding – bass/vocals/songs


Bono- vocals/lyrics

Edge – guitar

Adam Clayton – bass

Larry Mullen, Jr. – drums

The Germs

Darby Crash – vocals

Pat Smear – guitar


Ray Manzarek – producer

Exene Cervenka – vocals/lyrics

John Doe – bass/vocals

Billy Zoom – guitar

DJ Bonebrake – drums

Black Flag
Henry Rollins – vocals
The Minutemen
Mike Watt – bass
Dead Kennedys
Jello Biafra
The Replacements
Paul Westerberg – vocals/songs/guitar
Zero Boys
Paul Mahern – vocals
Big Black
Steve Albini