Singin in the Rain
Director: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly

Debbie Reynonlds as Kathy Selden
Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood

42nd Street
Warner Baxter as Julian Marsh

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Director:Lloyd Bacon
Ginger Rogers as Ann

Composer: Harry Warren
Choreographer: Busby Berkeley

fairy tale
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Actress: Leslie Caron as gigi
Actor: Maurice Chevalier
Orchestrator: Conrad Salinger
Swing time
Actor: Fred Astaire
Actress: Ginger Rogers
Producer: Pandro Berman
Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Hermes Pan
Director: George Stevens
Swing time
Actor: Fred Astaire
Actress: Ginger Rogers
Producer: Pandro Berman
Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Hermes Pan
Night and Day 1946


Director: Michael Curtiz
Actor/actresses: Cary Grant as Cole Porter
Alexis Smith as Linda Porter
Monty Woolley as himself
Composer: Everett Brown
Music: Ray Hindorff
Love me tonight
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
actor: Maurice Chevalier as Maurice Courtelin
Jeanette MacDonald as Princess Jeaneette

Composer is John Lipold

imitating or using musical teaching of differing or from periods
Long joke song
The joke takes a verse and the punch line is at the end of the verse
Short Joke song
Like cole porter’s list songs where each line or two is a short joke
No plot, mostly singing, comedy, and sketches often feature new, up and coming tonight
Charm song
Lighthearted lyrical song (I feel Pretty)
Bob Fosse
One of the most important choreographers of musicals, utilized increased sensuality by incorporating hip movements, ballet, jazz, and modern dance syles
did Damn Yankees, Sweet Charity, The Little Prince
show biz anthems
Songs to get entertainers excited about they do
(make em laugh)
Pennies from Heaven
Dennis potter writer for BBC TV show, Actor lip syncs to music from different periods. music is often ironic, constrasting with what happens in the scene
American Society of composers, authors, nad pusblishers
Societies responsible for collecting royalties on behalf of musicians. These groups sell various kinds of rights and licenses
Mechanical Rights
rights to cover a song by another artist
Torch Song
song about being in love with someone the singer can’t have
Grand rights
Rights to produce a musical, opera, or play. Negotiated directly between the producers and the group holding the rights. No arrangements are allowed by the performers
sync rights
rights to use music by an artist in a move.
prices negotiated between the producers and the group holding the rights
if studio hires a composer to write original music for a film, though, the studio, not the composer, holds the rights to the music
Dance dissolve
dance is incorporated into non dance movement
i.e. walking which turns into dancing
meet cute
cute and comical way the main couple meet each other
traveling song
performance of the song moves from one character and locale to another
Vernacular music
music in the style of ordinary people
Film making techniques
camera movement: zoom and pan
camera angles: close ups, 2 shots, wide shots
cameras interplay with choreography
Actor’s movement
breaking the 4th wall
alternate or orchestration or song in which it works its way in (sound effects)
video dissolve
visual, one scene to anotehr or one shot to another
Character dissolve
character and personality transition
Applause 1929
Show musical
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Actors/Actresses: Helen Morgan as Kitty Darling
Joan Deers as April Darling
Fuller Mellish Fj as Hitch Nelson
Composer: Earnest Zanthorsky
Lyiricist: Lee Ddom
Music: Charles Strauss
De-Lovely 2004 FOLK
Director: Irwin Winkler
Actor/actresses: Kevin Kline as Cole Porter
Ashley Judd as Linda Porter
Jonathan Pryce as Gabe