Before he working with EMI where did George martin work
BBC in the classical music department
originally a german label founded in 1896, this label was a leading jazz label in the UK
Paralaphone Records
What was Parlaphones focus in thlate forties and early fifties
orchestra and novelty records: comedy and voice recordings
what common ground was it that made the Beatles appreciate george martin
The beatles were familiar with the comedy acts george martin had recorded
what was it that impressed george martin about the beatles
They wrote there own songs
on the beatles album “revolver” who replaced norman smith as head engineer
geoff emerick
what were 7 major tech changes made during the “revolver” album
headphones, creative use of verispeed, ADT(artificial double tracking),leslie cabnet on non-organ sources, backward recording,tape loops, pading inside kick snare mic added with use of fairchild 660 on the drums
what were the tech changes the beatles were exposed to during the sgt. peppers recordings
additional mics on drums, DI on bass and c12 on the cabinet, multiple 4 track sync, and effects
what was the event that many feel was the beginning to the end of the beatles
the death of brian epstein the beatles manager
after geoff emerick resigned during the white album recordings who became engineer
ken starr
what non-beatles musician preformed guitar on “while my guitar gently weeps”
eric clapton
during what beatles album did emi upgrade to 8 tracks
the white album
who was the original producer of the white album
glyn johns
due to the beatles disapointment with the original white album producer who did they later have produce the album
phil spector
where was “get back” recorded
on the apple studios roof with billy preston on keys
in the 60’s what role did the music studio begin to play for artist
the studio became a compositional tool for artist
he was the first to use isolation booths and implemented half speed mastering
bill putnam
this studio became a hot spot for chicago artists and labels to record, it was also the largest indy studio in the US.
Universal Recording Corporation
what was Universal Recording Corporation’s parallel business known for making cutting edge audio equipment
universal audio
what mixing technique made putnam a multi millionaire
he mixed to stereo 2 and a half years before it was popularized
what function did SSL put on their sound board that set them apart from competitors
total recall