Thomas dartmouth Rice
– Performed Jim Crow in 1830 had the song
Burnt cork
used as blackface makeup to make actors appear black
Minstrel show
Full length entertainment featuring performers in blackface who performed songs,dances and skits based on parodies/s stereotypes given to the african americans. consisted of three parts the firs overture /songs / parodies the second had ensembles and dances and the third section had a cake walk
Scott Joplin
greatest turn of the century composer of classical plain music
Theatrical Form consisting of a variety of unrelated performing acts
-series of brief shuts mixed with songs and dances
Musical Comedy
– A play with hum eras content featuring songs that advance and stay in line with the music
Bert williams
Most prominent of black stars at the turn of the century
used blackface. brought audience to tears of sympathy and laughter at the same time
TOBA(Theater Owners Booking Association)
made it hard for black audiences to have audience. It abysmal salaries and unfair conditions made it “Tough on black actors”
Black Power movement
A movement of the late 1960s and 1970s that emphasized black unity,black pride and self determination
Uncle Tom
A derogatory term for blacks that made them seen as supporting rather than opposing the challenging racist power structure
langston huges
a poet /legitamite dramatist