Good Vibrations
-Wilson’s answer to poor outing of Pet Sounds
-Labeled as a psychedelic tune
-Wilson’s finest hour as a producer
Pet Sounds (1966) ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’
-Became Brian’s master project
-Critically considered a masterpiece and one of R&R important albums
-A major influence on the Beatles (Sgt. Pepper)
-Many songs show Wilson’s obsession with isolation and his insecurities
Brian Wilson
-Brian Wilson was the quiet genius of the group
-Influenced by Phil Spector’s wall of sound
The Beach Boys
-Americas answer to the Beatles
-Painted a landscape of beach, paradise, hot rods and cali girls
-Combination of the four freshmen and instrumental surf music
Louis, Louis – The Kingsmen
-Composed by Richard berry
-First recorded by berry’s group, the Pharaohs
-Lifted their vision from The Wailers, a Seattle based band who missed out on the success of this
-U.S. congress had a full-scale investigation to find out what smut was in the song
Garage Rock
-Simple, raw form of rock & roll
-Inspired by British invasion bands
-First wave of do-it-yourself punk rockers
Dick Dale and the Deltones
-King of Surf Guitar
-Dale’s Deltones spawned many garage bands around Southern Cali
The Ventures
-Solidified the two guitar / bass / drum line-up
-Not originally a surf band
-Became a crowd favorite with the surf crowd
Duane Eddy
-Developed a style known as “twangy” guitar
-Formed the model for surf band guitarists that followed
1960 instrumental groups (surf music)
-Surf music was primarily an instrumental style
-Lack of vocals necessitated experimenting with sounds of the guitar
-Guitar had virtually disappeared as lead instrument in early 1960’s pop
-Reestablished the guitar as a central role in R&R
The instrumental groups (1950’s)
-Usually built on a simple riff
-1950’s groups set the trends for music tat followed – Rocks first garage bands
The Payola Scandal / Alan Freed
-Payola defined: Bribery of an influential person in exchange for the promotion of a produce or service such that of disk jockeys of the promotion of records
The “Girl Groups”
-A sound and style rather than an individual voice or image
-Success usually linked to a specific producer
-Projected HIS vision rather than the group’s vision
-The music often had an underlying current of sexuality behind the innocence
The Chantels
-Maybe was their big hit in 1957
-Important model for the girl groups that followed
The Shirelles
-Patterned themselves after the Chantels
-Bridged doo-wop and uptown New York pop-soul
Groups that followed: The Shirelles
-Like doo-wop, there were many one shot groups
-Males were idealized images of adolescent romanticism
The Ronettes
-Inspired Spector’s best work
-Became the “Bad Girls of pop”
The Righteous Brothers
-Spector’s last great success
Gerry Goffin and Carole King
-Most prolific hitmakers at Aldon Music
-Their variety and ability to change with the times kept them in business
Philadelphia and American Bandstand
-City was the most successful teen idol “machine”
-Engine of the teen idol machine was American Bandstand
-Dick Clark – host of Bandstand
Country western
Bill Monroe the father of blue grass
Western swing
Bob Wills and his Texas playboys
Rural blues
king of the Mississippi delta blues: Robert Johnson
Boogie Woogie piano
Pete Johnson
Jazz/swing era/ big band
Lionel Hampton, Cab Callaway
Classic blues
Bessie smith
Gospel music
Thomas Dorsey (The father of gospel music)
Rock and Roll comes from
country and western, bluegrass, western swing, boogie wooie, rural/classic blues, gospel, and jazz, popular songs
Rock and roll was another name for what?
Rhythm and Blues
Rocket 88
Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner (first R&R song) about a car, boogie woogie baseline
Sixty-minute man
Billy Ward and his Dominos (1951) first #1 R&R song .First double entendre hit. Cross over hit, (black and white charts)
Hound Dog
Big Momma Thorton. Covered by Elvis. Song about pimp
Rock Around the Clock
Bill Haley and the Comets. Black board jungle. First #1 R&R song. It was the first important white rock song
Joe Turner
vocalist- known as the “boss of blues
Louis Jordan
vocalist/saxophonist – invented jump band, group known as the Tympani Five – Athletic choreography (“jump”) in horn line
T-bone walker
guitarist/vocalist – popularized electric guitar in R&B
Muddy Waters
originator of the “Chicago Blues” sound – All instruments electrified (wailing harmonica) – played a major influence on many rock bands (especially British)
Delta blues vs Chicago Blues
Delta blues: acoustic. Chicago Blues: electric
AM radio
disk jockeys – Ignored mainstream white major labels – Played small independent labels
Disk Jockeys
William “Hoss” Allen / John R Richbourg / Gene Nobels / Herman Grizzard
-White disk jockeys of WLAC (Nashville)
-The “50,000 Watt Quartet”
Rockabilly Style Traits
No drummer used in band – Use of slapping bass – classic rockabilly was almost entirely the product of Sun Records and Sam Philips owned that studio
Sam Phillips
Owner and operator of Sun records – Important figure in the development of R&R
Elvis Presley
the first rock hero The king of Rock and Roll: elvis was the singer, not the song. Forced R&R down the mainstreams throat. Made it R&R more than a passing fad for R&B. opened the gates for black R&B artists
History of Elvis
Gospel remained a part of Elvis’ repertoire, invented rockabilly
New Orleans
major contributor to the crossover R&B music: emphasis on piano/bass/sax : bass lines derived from the culture mix of New Orleans population
Cosimo Matassa
owner of J&M recording studio (only studio in New Oreleans)
Dave Bartholomew
played a crucial role in the development of R&R in NO. Collaborations with Fats Domino
Little Richard
Eddie Cochran
summertime blues, power cord sound, influenced British heavy metal bands
3 major music centers
Memphis, New oreleans, Chicago
Jerry Lee Lewis
pianist, “The Killer” Elvis’ rival
Chuck Berry
poet of R&R, wrote about cars, women, teenage love. Took some country and turned it to blues
Carl Perkins
more clean cut, took what Elvis did and refined it
Teen Idol Transition
buddy holly crickets, rock band, set model for Beatles, first white band to really write their own music
Ricky Nelson
rockabilly/pop style. On Ozzy and Hariot TV show
Nashville Duet
the Everly brothers
Doo wop music
Melody over rhythm. Increased the possibility for African american’s to get into the main stream. All about innocent teenage love. Came from streets of Phili and New York. One hit wonders, not careers.
The Beach Boys
influenced by surf rock, 4 freshmen, wall of sound. Surfing, surfing safari, surfing USA
Jackie Wilson
acrobatic voice, many vocal techniques brought to his singing.

-Enormous range and sheer power – great instrument of R&R
-Sweeping register leaps, rich vibrato, falsetto breaks was his trademark
-Energetic and agile showman

Ray Charles
took you to church
Instrumstal rock
dwane eddie was first, dick dale followed
Soul Pioneers
Ray Charles, Sam Cook, Jackie Wilson. Main emphasis was gospel music
Girl groups
chanterelles, my angels. Girl groups more about a sound/style. Didn’t necessarily need a lead singer
DJs getting paid for music
Bobby Vinten
most successful teen idol
What is considered “The Day the music Died”
Buddy holly died in plane crash in 1959 “Day the music died” then teen idol music comes out, people thought that was the end
Phil Spector
works with girl groups (wall of sound) The ronettes (bad girls of R&R) one of his bands. “The wrecking crew”
Story-song writing style that uses tongue-in-cheek mini-dramas full of wit and insight
Neil Sedaka and Howie Greenfield
Less varied in could since they were writing for Sedaka
Aldon Music Publishing
A symbol for the popular music in New York. Pop singers rarely wrote their own music
-Songwriters were usually grouped in pairs (one/music – the other/lyrics)
Brill Building Pop
-Country turned to Top 40 formats. Songwriters dominated the industry not the singers
Sam Cooke
-Known as the graceful voice in soul music
-Very different from Ray Charles
-Voice is a more floating quality compared to Ray Charles
Ray Charles
-Ignited R&B with the impassioned testifying of a southern, Holly Roller revival meeting-Not really Rock and Roll music
-Drew from the entire spectrum of music
-Church based music (influenced Aretha Franklin/ James Brown)
The Drifters – Uptown R&B
The Drifters – Uptown R&B
-L&S turned to the more sesrious approach compared to Coasters
-Developed a high-tech production style
Reffered to as “Uptown R&B”