The Clash
British punk bandfollowing Sex Pistols.emphasized idealistic, positive political platform
New wave
Brighter, more polished, non-threatening, pop-oriented outgrowth of punk.
artier, darker, more introverted, gloomy rock style.
Still rebellious but saw an opportunity to refashion public life rather than rejecting/ignoring
Harder, louder, faster, harsher punk.
focused on creation of a continuous underground scene unlike punk who beckoned for societal attention
Black Flag
Band formed in 1977 explored jazz and noise music ideas within a punk context.
spread the hardcore scene throughout america.
The Police
London punk band, most famous.
Least associated with punk
Joy Division
Embraced icy and reverberant sound. melancholic dance-influenced sound.
albums: “unknown pleasures” “Closer”
Synth Pop
post-punk, new wave featuring synthesizers, drum machines, and electronics.
Pop Metal
Cleaner, more refined form of metal. quick tempo, lighter bass line Van Halen.
Punk –>new wave
Albums: “War”
strong religious convictions
Music TV.
Quincy Jones
Produced Michael Jackson
metal/indie rock styles coming from US underground scene.
Depressive outlook, audience antagonism. encouraged drugs.
New wave of British Heavy Metal
UK late 70s.
Revival of early-metal values.
Thrash Metal
arose in late 1970s/1980s.
Incorporated virtuosic guitar sounds with aggression and uptempo punch of hardcore punk.
Linda Ronstandt
part of some band.
Southern Rock
Southern image mixed with psychedelic back lash
Allman Brothers
Starters of Southern rock
had a 33minute song
not well known, ‘after the fact’
velvet underground
famous for songs about kinky sex/drugs
Malcolm McClarren
manager of NY dolls.
Tried to save band, failed, went to sex pistols
Patty Smith
Poet turned musician who was founded by CBGB, a small NY bar. birth place of punk rock
Bruce Springstein
crafted an imaged based in some old-fashioned rock’n’roll values.
Born in the USA
Country Blues
Male singer, solo with guitar/piano
composed by performer
Race Records
records made for a particular race
W.C. Handy
Father of the blues
Sun Records
Carter Family
Hillbilly band
Alan Freed
coined the term “rock’n’roll”
rebellion to another culture
Procol Harum
some guy.
Haight-Ashbury District
Area in San Fran with hippies
shady shit to get shit out there
Barry Gordy
Little Richard
Flamboyant shit
Dick Clark
American Band Slam
Phil Spector
Founded phillis records.
wall of sound
Brian Wilson
leader of the beach bitches
Grace Slick
psychedelic rock bitch
George Martin
Fifth Beatle
Rolling Stones
British rock group
Led Zeppelin
American band at the forefront of arena rock
Black Sabbath
Doom rock, scary shit
Angus Young, from Australia.
Duck dance
Procol Harum
British Rock band contributed to progressive rock
David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust
Sly and the family stone
slap bass, funk
Larry Graham
Slap bass
George Clinton
Glitter motherfucker
Georgia Morader
founded Donna Summers
Georgia Morader
founded Donna Summers
Procor Harum
Started off by a pianist, best song was air on a G string
Donna Summers
queen of disco