James Brown invented what style of music
Name one of the first songs to be considered Funk
Papa’s got a brand new bag
One of the most famous girl groups recorded by Phil Spector was
The Ronettes
The term Doo-Wop was defined in what decade?
Name 3 Doo-Wop groups discussed in class that recorded so many songs that they were never in danger of being known as “one hit wonders”

The Coasters

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The Platters

The Drifters 

Leiber and Stoller wrote what famous song originally for Big Mama Thornton and then re-recorded by Elvis Presley?
Hound Dog
Many “one hit wonder” songs were categorized as what style of music?
Doo Wop
Phil Spector was owner, operator and producer of ________ record company.
Phil Spector originally produced rock and roll using which specific gender and race?
young Black girls
As R&B moved toward the sound of Soul music, there were three musicians who were considered to set the standard for this style. They were:

Sam Cooke

Jackie Wilson

Ray Charles

Name two famous “teen idols” discussed in class

Alan Freed

Dick Clark

The Beatles were considered the ______   _______ in pop history (two-words)
Biggest Band

Music historians identify three style/periods of the Beatles’ music. What were they?

a. Early of first period:_____

b: Middle or second period:_____

c: Late or third period: _______

a. Love songs

b. The transition years

c. The studio years

The Beach Boys were happy when The Beatles showed up in America playing concerts all over the country.

a. true

b. false

Name the musician who is considered to have invented Soul music:
Ray Charles
In the north east and east coast of the United States in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s black kids would sing on the street corners. The music they were singing was generally referred to as __________
The Beach Boys were in competition with ______
The Beatles
Surf music was primarly an ________ style.
Surf groups used the same instrumentation set up like the early rock and roll group configurations. What was that configuration or instrumentation?

i. Two guitars

ii. Drums

iii. Bass

The beach boys became _______ answer to the Beatles.

The BEach Boys were a family affair. There were:

i. How many brothers in the group?

ii. How many cousins in the group?

iii. How many friends in the group?

i. 3



The Beach Boys played what style of music?
Name the recording studio for which Ray Charles worked.
Atlantic Studios
What was the term used by the media to explain the Beatle phenomena?
In the early 1960’s the term “British Invasion” referred to the ______
_______ was the leader and brains behind the Beach Boys
Bryan Wilson
The Kingsmen were what type of group?
Garage Band
The song “Tequila” became a number-one hit on both the pop and R;B charts at the time of its release, and remains popular amongst fans of the golden age of rock and roll, but the band was like the Doo-wop bands because they were a ______ band.
One hit wonder
Dick Dale was a famous musician, but besides that he was famous as a ________.
The Kingsmen were from what city?
Portland, Oregon
In the early 1960s a song was very controversial because of supposed obscene lyrics. The US Congress conducted a full-scale investigation to find out waht the smut was. Name that song.
Louie Louie
Name the instrumental group that was not really considered a surf group or garage band, based in Seattle, and recorded many famous tunes, including the theme song from the TV show Hawaii Five-0.
The ventures
James Brown originally played what style of music?
Soul was inflenced by what style of music?
The Everly Brothers helped create the _____ sound
The Everly Brothers song, ______, created some controversy because it was about a high school couple staying out almost all night without their parents’ consent
“Wake up Little Suzie”
In the early 1960s Leiber and Stoller worked in New York City in a music building known as the _____ building in which many famous composers worked for many years.
Who was considered the god father of Soul?
James Brown
Even though Ray Charles was very popular he always appealed to __________ audiences
Ray Charles covered many styles of music, name five of them:

a. Swing

b. R&B

c. Pop

d. Jazz

e. Gospel

One of the most graceful voices in soul music was
Sam Cooke
Most Doo-wop writers, producers, etc., were not really concerned with their performers/singers, but cared more about making _____ than anything else.
In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s a style of rock & roll music was being played that did not have vocals. Many of these tunes were popular, played nationally and had great arrangements. This style of music was known as or called, ______ music.
Instrumental pop
Name one famous recording played in class where the title of the song constitutes the entirety of the lyrics, and is spoken three times during the song. Name that famous song.
Tequila- The Champs
Dick Dale was a band leader. What was the name of his group?
Dick Dale and the Deltones
Dick Dale was a locally famous musician and given the music title ___________
King of Surf Guitar
Originally, what style of music did the Beach Boys play?
vocal surf music
In what state did surf music originate?
Dick Dale’s group inspired many bands on the west coast. What were the specific name of those types of groups?
Instrumental surf music