Grace Slick
*great female rock voice
*represented the love-hate image of the 60’s
The San Francisco Scene-Haight Ashbury
*large community of folk musicians
*the acid test led by writer Ken Kesey became known was a “happening”
*estimated there were 500 to 1500 bands in the San Francisco area
*became entrenched in the university curriculum by the early 1960’s
*gave students a language to question the complacent assumptions of american society
Psychedelic Music/San Francisco Scene
*floating quality to the music (expands the mind)
*eastern indian influence (sitar)
The charlatans
*considered to be the start of the Haight/ashbury scene
*contribution is more a social one
*planted the seeds of the rock counterculture
Moby Grape
*one of the best san francisco bands of the 1960’s
*more versatile than other SF bands
*combination of folk, blues, country and class R
*early airplane played some of moby grape’s compositions
Jefferson Airplane
*most popular of the san francisco bands
*leaders of the protest movement ad supporters of free love
The Grateful Dead
*Considered to be the ultimate cult band
*Newer rally part of the mainstream music scene
*House band for the Kesly Acid test “Happenings”
*Music is an electric blend of folk, country and blues
*Fans known as “death heads”
*”The twenty-seven club”
Janis Joplin
*A representation of a culture and generation (much like Dylan)
*Broke the barriers for women in the music industry
*Overall, her performances were fresh and sincere
*Sending the blues to transcend pain
*Gained national fame at the monetary pop festival
Jimi Hendrix- The Early Years
Discovered by Chas Chandler (ex Animal Band member
Jimi Hendrix- The three studio albums
considered the best of his work
Jimi Hendrix- The Innovations
*redefined the guitar and guitar performance
*had the gift and the ability to harness the distortions
*distortion and feedback were not for gimmick
*big hands with long fingers resulted in unusual bar chords
Jimi Hendrix- The Innovations (cont.)
*ability to sound chords and play lead lines at the same time
*preferred to attend jam sessions (enjoyed working w/ other musicians)
*american discovered him at the Monterey Pop Festival
*known for the infamous burning of his guitar
*his body was returned to seattle & was interred in greenwood memorial park (renton)
Jim Morrison/The Doors
*morrison is looked at as one of the “father of contemporary rock”
*attempted to marry rock with poetry
*influence rockers such as alice cooper and even marilyn manson
*morrison became known for his off-the-wall improvisations on stage
Art Rock (a.k.a- Classical Rock)
*bending of classical music with rock
*references to mythology
*use of odd meters and frequent mood/tempo changes
*large % of art rock bands were british
Art Rock vs. Progressive Rock
0 Art Rock- rock music influenced by classical music
0 Progressive Rock- rock music influenced by jazz styles
Viewed by the “rock purist”
*attempt to legitimize rock music
*aimed to broaden the market of listeners of rock music
*punk music was a revolt of art rock music
Leading British Art-Rock bands of the 60’s/70’s
Moody Blues & Pink Floyd
Moody Blues- Days of Future Passed
*1st of concept albums
*programmatic music
*paved the way for other art rock bands
Roger Dean
Artist, designer, architect & publisher
Jethro Tull
Draws more on folk art-rock style
Pink Floyd
*experimental “space-rock” band
*inclusion of “concrete music”
creation of themes result in concepts on a massive scale
*syd barrett- an important founding member
*barrett played a major role in the musical & stylistic direction of the band’s early work
Pink Floyd- The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967)
Pink Floyd’s debut album (only one made under Syd Barrett’s leadership)
Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (73)
Partly inspired by Barrett’s deteriorating mental state
Frank Zappa
Music combines an understanding of and appreciation of:
0 20th Century Composers: Stravinksy, Stockhausen, Varese
0 Late- ’50s doo-wop rock & roll
0 Social satire and stinging wit
0 Avant-garde jazz
0 Guitar-heavy rock and R
0 Collages of many styles
0 Satirist with a wicked sense of humor and absurdity
0 His band: The Mothers of Invention  (formed in 1966)
Iggy Pop
*carried on the stage drama of Jim Morrison
*Early grope: The Stooges
Alice Cooper
*Influenced by comic book stories & RKO horror movie shows
*”Death Scenes”
The Velvet Underground- New York Proto Punk
• Known as the touchstone to punk & new wave
• Combination of music & art
• Important association with Andy Warhol
• Provided music of the exploding Plastic Inevitable
*Returned rock & roll to the basics
*Three chords & a simple melody
Lou Reed
*use of sing-speak vocals & gripping narratives
*helped define streets savvy r
Walk on The Wild Side
• Song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on “unusual” topics
• Subject matter “missed” by the censors
• About a series of individuals and their journeys to New York City
*in America, punk remained an underground sensation
*in UK, it was a full-scale phenomenon
*2 most popular punk bands: The Ramones & The Sex Pistols
• One of the original punk rockers to emerge form New York City in early/mid 70’s
• Often pointed to as a major influence by other subsequent punk bands
• Formed the band called the Neon Boys which later was renamed Television
• One of the most creative ands to emerge from NY’s punk scene of the mid- 70’s
• Viewed to be the antithesis of the “happy culture” (hippies)
• Back to short hair and street clothes (replaced the extravagant)
Marguee Moon
Laid the groundwork for many of the guitar-based post-punk pop groups of the late 70’s & 80’s
Patti Smith
• Improved lyrics that reflected life in NY
• Combined 60’s gradge rock with the literary writing styles of Rimbooua, Barroughs and Gisburg
• Referred to as the godmother of punk
Horses (1975)
*anticipates new wave music
*a hybrid of classical rock and post-beat poetry
The Ramones
*most popular of punk bands
*crystallized the music ideals of the genre
*cut r&r down to its bare essentials: 4 chords, simple catchy melody, irresistibly inane lyrics, very fast tempo
*Blizkrieg bop, pinhead, i wanna be sedated
The Ramones
The Ramones created something that was rooted in early ’60s, pre-Beatles rock & roll and pop but sounded revolutionary. Their music has been labeled by some as “bubble-gum punk”
Punk- the British Connection
*brought to the UK by Malcolm Mclaren
*Mclaren became the Sex Pistols manager
The Sex Pistols
• The anti-British group
• Represented the young bored Brits
• Rebelled against the staunch upper class
Anarchy in the UK (1976)
• Sex Pistols’ debut single
• Touched off a social/musical firestorm
• Created fear about political instability and youth running wild in the streets
God Save the Queen (1977)
• Lyrics contain gleeful snotty name-calling
• Declares the royalty ineffectual and irrelevant
• Poses Britain is a country in decline, ignoring the bleak times ahead