The Beatles

 Ø  Started out playing at The Cavern in Liverpool

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Ø  Brian Epstein became their manager

Ø  February 7th 1964 The Beatles came to New York

§  Preformed on the Ed Sullivan Show

Ø  Three periods of music

§  Early Period

·         Pop songs, love songs

§  Middle Period

·         Talked about their social statements in music

¨       Influenced by Bob Dylan

§  Late Period

·         Focused on studio work

Ø  “The Beatles are the leading pop group in history”

Ø  Changed fashion, music, and social norms

Ø  Took over a large part of the music industry

Ø  They changed trends and styles in popular culture

§  Influenced a generation with their style

Ø  Influenced by Little Richard

The British Invasion

Ø  First Wave

§  The Beatles

Ø  Second Wave

§  The Rolling Stones

§  The Animals

§  The Yardbirds

Ø  Popularity of bands

§  1 Beatles

§  2 Rolling Stones

§  3 Animals

Ø  The success of the British Invasion led to a resurgence of some black artists



Pie Records

Ø  Worked together with Chess Records to bring their artists to England

Ø  Brought Little Richard, Muddy Waters, etc. into England


Bob Dylan

Ø  Was the most important contributor to rock music

Ø  Played guitar, harmonica, and did vocals

Ø  Started with acoustic but switched to electric

Ø  Part of the beatnik movements

Ø  Became popular with folk music in the 1960’s

Ø  Started playing in New York City

Ø  His leading inspiration was Woody Guthrie

Ø  His music reflects social awareness of race and social injustice

Ø  Considered one of the first poets of the mass media

Ø  His music has two distinctive periods

§  Acoustic Period

§  Electric Period

Ø  “Like a Rolling Stone”

Ø  In the beginning of his career his record sales were not commercially successful

Ø  Mr. Tambourine Man

§  First Folk Rock Song

Eric Burton and the Animals

Eric Burton


Jimi Hendrix

Ø  Was in the military and hurt his foot so he got discharged

§  Was in an airborne unit

Ø  Played with Little Richard but got fired cause he showed Little Richard up

Ø  Had a hard time finding work after this

Ø  Chaz Chandler from The Animals found him a band in Britain

Ø  Became popular in England

Ø  Played at the Monterey Pop festival 1967

Ø  Was the headliner for Woodstock

Ø  Wasn’t very good with finances

Ø  Got into drugs heavily

Ø  Died from choking on his own puke after passing out from drugs

Monterey Pop Festival

§  Were 50,000 people there

§  The Mommas and the Pappas were

·         John Mackenzie organized lots of bands to play there.

§  Became an instant success

§  Jimi Hendrix was discovered in the U.S. here

The Rolling Stones

Ø  Keith Richards, Mic Jagger, Brian Jones,

Ø  Was perceived as an underground, working class group

Ø  Were blues oriented

Ø  “The core of the Rolling Stones was Mic Jagger and Keith Richards”

Ø  Had their demo turned down by the BBC because their singer sounded too black

Ø  Oldest existing rock group

The Yardbirds

 Ø  Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Paige started with the Yardbirds

Ø  Famous Guitarists in the band

Ø  Eric Clapton

§  Quit because they were going more towards pop

Ø  Geoff Beck

§  Had a breakdown because he couldn’t deal with the touring

Ø  Jimmy Paige

§  Turned the Yardbirds into Led Zeppelin

John Mayall

Ø  “The Elder Statesman of British Blues”

 Ø  Created John Mayall and the Blues Breakers

 Recruited many great musicians to play in his band


Ø  Crossroad Blues

Ø  Combined many famous artist



Ø  AM radio only played shorter popular songs to make money under 3 min

Ø  FM radio played music that was longer than 3 min and more underground



Ø  1959

 Ø  Rose to become the biggest black owned corporation in America

 Ø  Short for “Motor City”

 Ø  “It was the sound of young America”

 Ø  One of the most successful, independent recording ventures in history

 Ø  Brainchild of Barry Gordy

 Ø  Came out of soul music

 Ø  Used simple repetitive music

 Ø  Almost like the Brill Building

 Ø  Appealed to the masses

 §  Became very popular

 Ø  Biggest group to set the pattern for Motown

Ø  The Temptations

Ø  Eddie and Brian Holland

§  Wrote most of the music for Motown

Ø  The Funk Brothers

§  The musicians behind Motown were the Funk Brothers

Ø  They went from town to town preforming to sell their records

Ø  All of the artists within Motown were in competition with each other

Barry Gordy

Ø  Created Motown

Ø  Was a big music producer for Mo-Town



Smoky Robinson

Ø  “Became one of the Most Prolific Writers for Motown”

Ø  Known for his beautiful falsetto voice

Ø  Smoky Robinson and the Miracles

 §  Set the pattern for Mo-Town and all its groups

 Ø  Was the most prolific song writer for Mo-Town


Marvin Gaye

 Ø  Became a performer and arranger for Mo-Town

 Ø  Was a drummer originally

 Ø  “What the hell is going on”



The Supremes

Ø  “Are one of the most important female groups in rock history”

 Ø  Diana Ross was the key to their success


The Jackson Five

 Ø  The last great act of Motown was the Jackson Five

 §  Fronted by 10 year old Michael Jackson

 §  They transcended all barriers of race and age


Stevie Wonder

 Ø  Was 11 years old when he signed his recording contract

 Ø  Played piano and harmonica during his live performances

 Ø  Played many other instruments during his studio sessions


Wilson Pickett

§  Great singer/southern soul performer


Stax Records

§  Created the Memphis Sound


Sly and the Family Stone

§  First integrated rock band w/ black with men and women top of pop records


Larry Graham

   Invented the Slap Bass


Folk Rock

Ø  Consists of two ideas

§  The Beatles

§  Bob Dylan

 Ø  Distinctive sound comes from the 12 string guitar

 Ø  Mr. Tambourine Man

 §  First Folk Rock Song


The Byrds

Ø  Mr. Tambourine man was declared the first folk rock hit

Ø  “Turn Turn Turn”

Synthesized the music of The Beatles and Bob Dylan

The Hippie Movement

Ø  Started on Haight-Ashberry

§  2 Streets in San Francisco where the hippie movement started

Ø  Subculture that started in San Francisco

§  San Francisco music scene

·         Psychedelic music

§  Anti-establishment movement

§  Open Relationships

·         Free Love

§  Communes

§  Acid use

§  Became a safe haven for draft dodgers




Big Brother and the Holding Company

 Ø  Janice Joplin was originally in the band

 Ø  Big Momma Thorton joined the band after Janice Joplin left


Jefferson Airplane

Ø  “Were the most famous San Francisco Hippie band”

Ø  Lead vocalist Grace Slick made the band famous


Hippie Bands

v  Big Brother and the Holding Company

v  Jefferson Airplane

 v  Quicksilver Messenger Service

 v  The Grateful Dead

 v  Country Joe and the Fish

 v  The Charlatans

 v  Moby Grape


The Charlatans

Ø  “Considered to be the start of the Haight-Ashberry Hippie scene”


Moby Grape

Ø  “One of the most successful bands in the Hippie Scene”


Rare Earth
One of the only white groups who had success in Mo-Town
The Temptations

Ø  The finest vocal group to come out of Mo-Town


Memphis Sound

Ø  Developed from original soul music

Ø  Came from Stax Records

v  Wilson Pickett

v  Otis Retting


Funk Music

 v  James Brown

 Ø  Set the standard for musicians doing funk music

 Ø  Influenced other funk groups

 §  Sly and the Family Stone

 ·         The first integrated rock group