Everly Brothers
? From Nashville Tennessee
? “All I Have to do is Dream”
? “Wake Up Little Suzie”
? Got them in trouble because it parents didn’t like it
? Created “The Nashville Sound
? Originated in the late 1950’s
? Style was Jazz with background singers
? First real do-op record put out by The Penguins
? “Earth Angel”
? Term Do-op didn’t come around until the 1970’s
? Mostly made by black musicians
? The Coasters
? The Drifters
? The Platters
Leiber and Stoller
? Originally wrote blues music for black musicians directed towards the black community
? Wrote “You Aint Nothin But a Hound Dog”, “Jailhouse Rock”
? Brought black music to the white masses
? Wrote and produced music for these do-op group
? The Drifters
? The Coasters
? Became independent free agent producers
? Controlled all of the material
? Ended up working for Atlantic Records
? Moved to the Brill Building
Atlantic Records
? Signed Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson
? Recorded many major soul musicians
? Major recording label for black musicians
? Music has become more polished with high quality recordings
Soul Music
? Came from gospel music
? Music made for dancing
? Soul singers started out in the gospel churches
? Soul music was invented by Ray Charles
? Ray Charles coined the term Soul Music
? Artists include Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, and Jackie Wilson
Ray Charles
? Created Soul Music
? Became blind at the age of 7
? Wanted to play mainstream music so that he could reach an adult audience and make money
? Singer, songwriter, arranger, piano player, and band leader
? Spectrum of his music went from Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Swing, Country, Mainstream Pop, Romantic Ballads, Show Tunes, Easy Listening, and Patriotic Anthems
? “Midnight Hour”, “I Got a Woman” “Drown in My Tears”, “What’d I Say”
? “I Got a Woman” influenced many other songs
? “What’d I Say” used AAB blues progression and layering
? 1955 First musician to have the term soul music
? 1953 Signed with Atlantic Records
Sam Cooke
? “Most graceful voice in soul music”
? Gifted singer and songwriter as well as successful businessman
? “You Send Me”, “Only 16”, “Wonderful World”, “Cupid”, “Twistin’ the Night Away”
? Signed by Atlantic Records
? 1964 Murdered
Jackie Wilson
? Had a huge vocal range
? Operatic voice
? Was a great showman, would do acrobatics, very energetic
? Horrible businessman
? “Higher and Higher”, “Baby Workout”
James Brown
? “Godfather of Soul Music”
? Known as the hardest working man in show-business
? Started off singing in a gospel church
? Invented Funk
? Very heavily involved in civil rights and trying to help the black community 1960’s
? First hit “Please, Please, Please” 1956
? “Think”, “Night Train”
? 1956 Changed music to Funk with “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”, “Cold Sweat”
Funk Music
? Created by James Brown
? Came out of soul music 1966
? Highly syncopated instrumentals
Teen Idols
? Young, under 22, good looking guys being fronted by record companies to make money
? Safe, clean music that parents approve of
? “The Bobbys”
Brill Building
? Housed Aldon Music
? Building in New York
? Where most of the popular music of the time was written
? Would give the music to someone who could sing it to make it a hit
? Cranked out songs constantly to make money
? Carol King, Neil Sidaka, Leiber and Stoller all wrote for Aldon Music
Phil Spector
? Started Philles Records
? Produced and recorded albums
? Worked in the Brill Building
? Took absolute control over the song and the group
? Started black all girl groups
? The Ronettes
? Known for his “little symphonies for kids” also known as the wall of sound
? First producer to become a star
? Made the grandest pop records of all time
Girl Groups
? The Ronettes
? Ronnie Bennet was the star
? Created a new “Bad Girl” girl group
? Alan Freed
? Lost his career and died shortly after
? Dick Clark
? Was able to maintain his career and clear his name because he talked his way out of it
American Bandstand
? Hosted by Dick Clark
? TV show would have bands come on and play popular hit music
? If an artist performed on American Bandstand they would usually become an instant star
? Lots of money made under the table on these TV shows, part of Payola Scandal
? Things on American Bandstand set trends for teenagers watching the show
? Artists were primarily black with all of the dancers being white
The Twist
? Dick Clark played it on his American Bandstand and made it popular
? Remade by Chubby Checker
? Appealed to parents kids and people of all ages
? Brought rock and roll to everyone
Instrumental Music
? Started in the early 1960’s
? Uses simple riffs
? Beginning of the Garage Band
? The Champs
? “Tequila”
? Two types of Instrumental Music
? Surf Music
? Instrumental Pop
Surf Music
? Guitar, Drums, Bass with no vocals
? From Southern California and the West Coast
? The Surfaris
? “Wipeout”
Dick Dale
? “King of the Surf Guitar”
? Famous for Instrumental Surf Music
? “Dick Dale and the Del-Tones”
? Was a professional musician and a professional surfer
? “Pipeline”
The Beach Boys
? Had 3 brothers a cousin and a friend
? Brian Wilson was the leader
? Wrote, sung, produced, and played the songs themselves
? Sung about the California lifestyle, hotrods, California girls
? “Surfer Girl”, “Surfin’ Safari”, “Surfin’ USA”, “Fun Fun Fun”, “Good Vibrations”, “Sloop John B”
? Weren’t great musicians so they got other musicians to play instrumentals on their albums
? Were inspired by the group The Four Freshman
? Used harmonies in their vocals
? Ended up in competition with the Beatles
? made Brian Wilson have a nervous breakdown
Instrumental Pop
? Used regular instruments along with horns, trumpets, organs etc.
? The Champs
? “Tequila”
Garage Band
? Came out of instrumental and surf music
? Usually were not very polished, not very experienced musicians
The Kingsman
? “Louie Louie”
• Originally written by Chuck Barry
• Said fuck in the lyrics
• Congress held a hearing about the language in the song
• Because of the movement against the record, tons of kids bought it
The Ventures
? Tried to be an instrumental group not a surf group
? Their song “Hawaii Five-O” made them look like a surf group
The Beatles
? February 7th 1964 The Beatles came to New York
? Preformed on the Ed Sullivan Show
? Beatlemania
? “The Beatles are the leading pop group in history”
? Changed fashion, music, and social norms
? Took over a large part of the music industry
Pie Records
? Worked together with Chess Records to bring their artists to England
? Brought Little Richard, Muddy Waters, etc. into England