What are B.B. King’s dates?
What are Charlie Patton’s dates?
What are Muddy Waters’ dates?
What are Robert Johnson’s dates?
Why was Muddy Waters important to the development of the blues?
He was one of the originators of the electric blues
Who was said to have sold his soul to the devil in order to play the blues?
Robert Johnson
Who started the devil rumor?
Son House
How did Robert Johnson die?
He was poisoned
Why is Robert Johnson important to the development of the blues?
He is known as being the greatest of all the blues guitarists and influenced many other musicians
What is the delta blues lyric style?
A three lined stanza where the first two lines repeat and the third line rhymes with the first two
What were the original blues instruments?
Guitar and harmonica
Why was Charlie Patton important to the development of the blues?
He was the first to record the delta blues
What did B.B King name his guitar?
What does the “B.B” stand for in B.B King’s name?
Blues Boy
What is B.B King’s real name?
Riley B. King
Why is B.B King important to the development to the blues?
He was the first blues musician to tour the world and he has remained popular for over fifty years
What was so different about B.B King’s 1970 tour?
He only played prisons
What was the prison that B.B King played at on September 10, 1970?
Cook County Jail, Illinois
What instrument did Muddy Waters first learn to play?
Which bottleneck players did Muddy Waters listen to?
Robert Johnson and Son House
What single was Muddy Waters’ first hit record?
“I Can’t;Be Satisfied”
Who was Muddy Waters’ audience in the 1960s?
A young, white, middle class audience
What group got its name from a Muddy Waters’ tune?
The Rolling Stones
What was one distinction of B.B King’s guitar playing?
The voice-like string vibrato
What was B.B King’s first number one hit?
“Three O’Clock Blues”
When Muddy Waters left Mississippi, which big city did he go to?