Weather Report
“Birdland” by Weather Report. Fusion Rock… Miles Davis’ Alumni (who cared the Fusion torch into the future) Joe Zawinul-Keyboard & Wayne Shorter – saxophone.
Moody Blues
1st band to establish Art Rock concept – combined symphonic orchestra w/Rock band used the Mellotron.
The Skatalites
“Don De Lion”
The Velvet Underground
Lou Reed/ John Cale… Laid foundation for Punk… Themes of alienation, drugs, street life, and sadomasochism.
Gore Rocker / Gene Simmons
Courtney Love guitarist w/ Hole all female Riot Grrrl band
Speed – Fast tempo, melodic electric guitar “Master of Puppets.” Filed suit against Napster for free music downloads.
Allman Brothers
The Southern Rock Model. “Ramblin Man”
The Beastie Boys
All white “Punk” rap group, 1st to reach Gold, Platinum, Double Plat. Albums in Rap.
Led Zepplin
1st prototype metal band.
Pink Floyd
Psychedelic band turned minimalists (musically concrete). Art Rock with a focus on extravagant laser light shows.
Napalm Death
Grindcore. Combined Death Meta, Punk and Industrial. Very fast tempos w/ themes of hypocrisy and injustice in the world.
The Eagles
Back up band for Linda Ronstadt. Made commercially successful and copied Country-Rock bands.
Pearl Jam
Guitar driven jam band that reached the largest audience of the Grunge rockers.
The “Queens of Queens” and the first successful female Rap group
The Ramones
Simple, high energy punk w/ themes of boredom and insecurity. Influenced the British Punk movement.
“Neo” Wave. Revisited punk influenced New Wave without using synthesizers. Deeply emotional lyrics & vocal delivery.
1974 Toronto, OT – Hard Rocking Canadian Power Trio w/drummer (Neil Peart) as main songwriter.
(Debbie Harry) Most commercially successful of 70’s Punk bands gone New Wave. More pop styled than most. Non-monotoned vocals.
Robert Pittman
Created MTV in 1981. Former President of MTV.
Donna Summer
Queen of Disco
Miles Davis
“Rite of Passage” Jazz icon and Fusion catalyst… Break-through Fusion album “Bitches Brew.”
Sly Stone
San Francisco based first truly integrated band of Rock.
Bob Marley – Took the Wailers to international stardom. Beloved and hated in Jamaica. Protest singer. Death threats on family. Death in May 1981 (Cancer). Tradition continued by family. Ziggy (David) Marley and the Melody Makers.
Michael Jackson
Gary, IN born child star. Was voted “artist of the Decade”, 1980’s. Self proclaimed “King of Pop.”
David Bowie
Glitter, Glam and Gore. Ziggy Stardust.
Born Minneapolis, MN into a musical family. Music and image influenced by Funk, Soul, New Wave, Disco & Pop. Movie/Album/tour Purple Rain established his superstar status. Artistic freedom – has his own studio (Paisley Park) and record label.
Iggy Pop
“Godfather of Punk” Self destructive, angry, pessimistic, repetitive music
Lady Bo
Guitarist w/ Bo Diddley (60’s)
Grandmaster Flash
“Founding Father of Scratching” and most successful New York DJ/Turntablist.
Jerry Van Blair
Local Jazz Rock Star from Connersville, IN. Played Trumpet/Flugelhorn… Bands – Chase, Cal Collins, Toler Bros. and Shieldstone.
Frank Zappa
The original “Mother” of Invention. / U.S. Counterpart to British Art-Rock… Composer/social critic… Unique Characteristics Borrowed elements of Jazz, Classical, Rock and Psychedelia… Satire – Parodistic sarcasm.
Gram Parsons
The catalyst for Country Rock. Flying Burrito Brothers. American Cosmic Music.
Patti Smith
Artist/writer/poet – active in New York delivering her dark poetic often angry lyrics delivered with pounding punk beat
George Clinton
Band leader of “Funkadelic” featuring Sci-Fi/ comic book funky performances.

Atomic Dog!!

Elvis Costello
Liverpoolian Buddy Holly inspired Pub Rocker singer/guitarist portraying a neurotic image w/ themes of social insecurity.
Kurt Cobain
Singer of Nirvana. The group that killed 80’s Glam Metal. Combined Punk and Metal w/ poetic lyrics.
Grammy award winning rapper from the Mid-West; Dr Dre’s protege.
Grew up in Detroit, MI. Began career w/ “Trashy Tramp” pseudo-punk image with an ability to dance & a desire to shock audiences with her bold/open sexuality. Most successful femal Rock performer of the 1980’s.
Larry Graham
Creator of Slap Bass
Jamaican politically charged dance Music the Root of Hip Hop and Rap.
Meaning – King of Music from Kingston… Foundation from ska and rock steady. Off beat rhythm, guitar patter, Commercial success… Rastafarianism… Instrumentation / Mod. Instruments added/ keyboards
Rap/Hip Hop
Rap is rhymed (usually) spoke word over a rhythm dominated accompaniment. Influenced from Jamaican Tasting and Sampling. Is now world wide, but began on US East Coast and later developed, with different themes, on the West Coast. Hip Hop is the culture and the music (DJing) of South Bronx and Harlem in which Rap developed. Graffiti Art and Break Dancing. Instrumentally dominated by sampling/sequencing via (turntable-ism) and electronic means. (Scratching)
(aka DJing/Dubbing) Spoken vocals over a Rock Steady or Raggae recording
Dance music. Specific tempo/beat – 100 to 120 B.P.M. Extension of other music styles:
Funk, Latin and European electronic music. DJ controlled club music. Alternative sexuality association. Club – Studio 54, New York City.
Riot Grrrl
Courtney Love with Hole. Female instrumentalists. 1990-2000
1970’s Punk was a reaction against Glitter, Glam and Art Rock/Metal. It tried to recap the simplicity of 50’s Rock n’ Roll and the basic fun of Garage Rock. Counter-culture. Anti-establishment angry attitude. Avant Garde Art. Musically: Repetitive rhythms, Fast tempos, Monotoned Vocals, Basic rock instrumentation, Heavily distorted sound.
Cable television / Entertainment… Created by Robert Pittman in 1981
Death Row Records
founded by ex – N.W.A. member Dr. Dre. And Suge Knight
Guitar Effects
Distortion, Reverb & Chorus, Wah Wah, Voice Box/Talk Box
Fused: Rock instrumentation & electricity to Jazz ideology… Rare use of lyric/vocals – scat singing… Jazz improvisation… Rock rhythems… Expanded instrumentation.
(1963) Pre-synthesizer. Mimicked/Replaced orchestral string sounds (portable). Popularized by Beatles and Moody Blues.
The conscious amalgamation of Rock and Country Music. Largely adapted by 60’s Folk Rockers from the west coast. Ex. Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Southern Rock
Loud and aggressive Country with Rock injected w/ Blues and Soul. Performed by macho-proud, long haired good old boys from the south. Ex. Hank Williams, Jr. Southern musicians that also perform straight country. Heavy amplification and drums… Rock style lead guitar… twin leads… two drummers. Folk Rock lyrics themes of Southern pride… Biker or Outlaw image… Blues and Soul influenced… Capricorn Records Macon, Georgia.
Progressive Rock
North American Movement… The American equivalent to Art Rock without directly imitating art music. Keyboard dominant music.
Art Rock
British Movement… music that consciously imitates another style that has been recognized as “Art”. Ex. Classical or Jazz Keyboard dominant music.
Eclectic Rock
Music that borrows freely from all genres, makes social commentary & has no intent for commercial success. Influenced by Avant-Garde trends… Often strange & hard to listen to “Art for the sake of art.”
Individual musicians (not bands) who compose music primarily for themselves to perform. Intimate songs, Simple accompaniment (piano or acoustic guitar), Drew inspiration from Folk & Country. Bob Dylan (1965 recordings). Examples: Van Morrison, The Boss – Sprinsteen, Billy Joel, Carly Simon, John Mellencamp, Tracy Chapman, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Alicia Keyes…
Hot spot (club) in the USA for Punk Rock
Def Jam Records
launched many of the early popular rap artists.
Focused on Rhythm. Less emphasis on melodic and/or harmonic changes. Polyrhythmic layering. More than one rhythm occurring at a time. Active Bass Lines – Often the main riff. Repetition – Dance music. Horns use: Riffs or melodic support… Mimic or take the place of back up vocals.