1930-1940 most important pop singer
Bing Crosbey
Inventor of electronic quitar
Les Paul
First star of Country Music
Jimie Rogers
Stood for country music in 1950
Hank Williams
Bluegrass Boys
Bill Monroe
Blues singer in 1920
Bessie Smith
Elvis Presley from
Tuppelo, MS
City where Elvises Family moved
Body Holleys city
Lobback, TX
Elvises mansion
DJ who playd R&R music
Alan Freed
Blues Star who represented rural oproache
Robert Johns
Started Chess records
Phill and Lenord Chess
One traid that most of the rythm and blues  styles shared
Gosper Music
Guitar player in everly brothers
Chad  Avens
Everly Brothers song writers
Boudlex and Felicia Bryent
Roy Obsession was born in
Wink, TX
First Roy Obsession song seller
Only the Lonly
Creative force behind beach boys
Bryen Wilson
Which member peronified Beach Boys image
Denis Drummer
The first big Rock and Roll instrumental
Honky Ton
Name the most succesfull instrumental guitarist
Duan Eddy
Name of the most influential instrumental band
Many Roy Obsession song are about
Who introduced the harmony to rock and roll
Everly Brothers
Where was Ray Charles born
Albany, GE
Ray Charles first million seller
What I say
Who recorded Wonderfull World
Sam Cooke
Brill Building
New Yourk
Aldon music
Al Nevins and Don Kirsher

Carol King

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Cynthia Weill

Jeff Barry

Gerny Groffin

Barny Marm

Elle Groenwich

Three teen Idols
Paul Anka, Neil Senaka, Bobby Parker
#1 Folk music Kingstone Trio
Tom Doley
Most succesful folk group
Peter, Paul and Mary
Most important producers
Jerry Lebier and Mike Stoller
Blending R&B
Sweet Soul
Most succesfull of the girl groups
The Leader of the Pack
The year beatles formed in the Liverpool
February 1964 (Beatles)
Appeared on ED Sullivan Show
First Beatles name of the group
November 1961 Beatles playd for the first time
Cavern Club
Music the Beatles were playing
The first Beatles drummer
Pete Best
1960 Beatles concert in Germany. City:
Beatles manager who discoverd them at the Cavern club
Brian Epstein
Became the Beatles producer
George Martin
 The Beatles first #1 single in England
Please Please
New Album “Rubber Soul” where was introduced new instrument
Beatles fomed their own company called
John’s new companion
Yoko Ono
Keyboardist that playd playd in the Let It Be album is
Billy Preston
Thebetles last recorded album
Abby Road
Beatles new manager
Allen Klime
The Rolling stones original Hit
The Last Time
The Rolling Stones number one hit
Which Stone died by using drugs
Bryen Johns
Rolling Stone manager
Andrew Oldham
In WHich Band was Eric Clapton
Yard Birds
Eric Claptons nickname
Slow hand
The leader singer in Animals
Eric Berdon
Younge singer in Spencer Davis Group
Steve Winwood
Songwriter for; Kinks
Ray Orchis
Songwriter for WHO
Pete Townsend
Bob Dylans Real Name
Robert Zimmerman
Bob Dylan from
Hibbing, MI
What did Bob Dylan does at the Newport Folk Festival that stirred up controversy
Brought Rock Band
Event inspired Mr Tamborine man
Bob Dylans first million single
Like a rolling stone
Record began Folk-Rock
Mr thambotine man
Movie convinced the berds go to elctric
Hard Days Night
Type of guitar helped the folk-rock
Donovan from
On Hurdy-GurdyDonovan was backed by future members of
Led Zippelin
Force behind The Mamas ; The Papas
John Philis
Simon ; Grunkfunkels first folk-rock hit
Sound Of Silence
Do You Believe in Magic recorded by
Loovin Spoonful
Good Lovin by
Young Rascals
Walk Like A Man by
Four Seasons
Most succesful garage band
Paul Revere ; The Riders
Motown was created by
Berry Gordy
Motown was first called
Stevie Wonder born in
Saginaw, MI
Stevie Wonder first hit
Bigest star to come out f the Memphis soul scene
Otis Redding
Why Memphis recordings has a consisten sound
Same Baking
Otis Redding grown up in
Otis Redding bigest hit
Dock of the Bay
Who sang in the Midnight Hour
Wilson Pickett
Famous studious, Muscle Shoals on what state
Aretha Frankling grown up in
Aretha Frankling first #1 record
Hardet Workin Man in Show Business
James Brown
James Brown #1 miilion seller hit
Papas got a Brand New Bag
Summer Month of 1967 called
Summer of Love
most famoust album not to be realesed
Smile by Beach Boys
The leader of Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia
Gratefull Deads funs called
San Francisco band recorded the White Rabbit
Jefferson Airplane
Name of Janis Jolpins band
Big Brother A Holding Company
3 well known guitar players on group Yarbirds
Jeff Back, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton
What power trio was Eric Clapton in
Jimi Hendrix significant because of his use of
Feed Back
What inter racial group influenced 70s funk and promoted anti-racism
Sly ; Family Stone
Group blended rock with latin american
Guitarist in Santana
Carlos Santana
Most succesfull band 1969-1971
creedence Clearwater Revival
Singer/songwriter in ccr
John Fogerty
Lynard Skynyrd got name
by PD teacher