J&M Records


First recording studio

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Owned by Cosmo Matassa


Bo Diddley
Wrote song with a salsa beat
Hound Dog

Originally Sang by Big Momma Thorton

Written By Leiber and Stoller

Little Richard
Wrote Tootie Frootie
12 Bar blues form
The Byrds

First folk rock group

Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man

Fats Domino

First Nonthreatening black rock artist

Sang Blueberry Hill

Sam Phillips

Owned Sun Records

Signed Elvis Presley


Everly Brothers
Created teh Naishville Sound
Elvis Presley

Created Rockabilly

Was the most famous recording artist for sun records

Ricky Nelson
Created LA Rockabilly
Buddy Holly and the Crickets
First prototype for the self-contained rock band
3 Famous Do-op groups that lasted

The Coasters

The Drifters

The Platters

Ray Charles
Created Soul Music
James Brown
Created Funk Music
Larry Graham

Created Slap Bass

Played for Sly and the Family Stone

The Twist
Brought all ages together for the first time
Phil Spector
Originally wrote for black girl groups
Beach Boys
Famous California surf group
Famous recording studio in Detroit
Bob Dylan
Played Folk and Folk Rock music
Where the Hippy Movement started
Jimi Hendrix

Considered to have redfined the guitar and guitar performance

Was a great showman

Himi Hendrix Experience was his first band

Black community wanted to use black musicians instead of his white musicians

The Doors

First big hit was Light my Fire

Music catagorized as doom and gloom

Jim Morrison was the lead singer

Janis Joplin
Broke barriers for women in the music industry
Jim Morrison

Played in The Doors

“The father of contemorary rock music”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground

Created speak-singing

Music was a combination of music and art

Used S&M as art on stage

Art Rock

A combination of classical and rock n roll

Meant to be listened to from the beginning of the record to the end

Lots of symbolism, imagery and mysticism

Pink Floyd

Wrote Money

Name came from Pink Anderson and Floyd Council

Began as a psychedelic band

Biggest album was Dark Side of the Moon

Frank Zappa

Named his son Dwezel and his daughter Moon Unit

“Considered one of the most accomplished rock composers of all time”
Known as a satirist


Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground
“Walk on the Wild Side”
“Was a combination of music and art”

Was a reaction to the hippie movement
Iggy Pop

Alice Cooper
Was not very commercially successful
Did not have a big impact on the music industry
Involved S&M
Where speak-singing was created

The 27 Club

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison

Curt Cobain

Jimi Hendrix

The Ramones
The Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols
Revolutionary Group
Made fun of the Queen
Anarchy in the UK
Music was banned in the UK
Went to the US to tour
Sid Vicious had a nervous breakdown