New Orleans founded
Louisiana Purchase
Congo Square
Minstrel shows
1840-1920 traveled across the country to entertain by degrading and making fun of blacks
Thomas Dartsmouth “Daddy”  Rice
1828- Jump Jim Crow- inspires Jim Crow Laws
(reason for degrading blacks- dont want blacks hooking up with whites)
Black face
White people paint faces and mock black people in minstrel shows(Sometimes blacks would dress up as black faces)
Amos and Andy
shitty show in late 20’s didnt run long but mocked blacks a lot
Stephen Foster
Early American Musician- “way down upon the swampy river” and a bunch of other tunes played in minstrel shows “I dream of Genie with the light brown hair”
South Carolina wants to secede from nation- Civil War- Shermans march decimates the south form atlanta to savannah
13th 14th 15th Amendment


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Born here= citizen

Men vote regardless of race/color

Compromise of 1877
Northern republicans said to Southern Democrats- you vote for us and union troops come out of the south. end of reconstruction
3 elements in music
Melody Harmony, Rhythm
Scott Joplyn
born 1877- Got a music degree and wrote music. Developed a style of music called ragtime
music that is off the beat
Raggin the melody
Changing music into Syncopation style.
Delta Blues
12 Bar Blues started to develop. An AAB form and a four bar phrase repeated 3 times
Charlie Pattent and Sunhouse
First black blues musicians to be recognized through recordings
Classic Blues
Still follows delta blues format, done by a black woman with a band as opposed to a black man with a guitar
Bessie Smith
One of first famous black women blues singers
Robert Johnson
Set the stage for blues
Creels of color
White men who mixed with black women = creel. Didn’t consider themselves black.
New Orleans passed a law saying if you had 1 drop of black blood, you were black
Adolf Homer Plessy
Creel of color who challenged that law, and got on white bus
Plessy v. Ferguson
Challenged that streetcars should be integrated- “Separate but equal” was the ruling
Little Rock Highschool
forced to be integrated by national guard
Buddy Bolden
First Black Jazz musician- Used Syncopation- credited with inspiring most jazz musicians
     Sang “The Funky Butt” which criticized a white congressmen. Got him in trouble but also got him famous
Joe Oliver
played with Bolden and influenced Lewis Armstrong.
Lewis Armstrong
One of the most important Jazz players- brought New Orleans jazz to Chicago
now incorporating syncopation and the Blues AAB style
Boogie Woogie
Came out of texas- black style of music- played by black pianists- famous in 1920’s started in teens
Mead Lux Lewis
Famous Boogie Woogie player
Great Depression/WWII
Hard to keep bands together, decided to lower members of bands
Rhythm and Blues
starts to develop from smaller jazz bands
Lewis Jordan
Composer, Band Leader, Played the saxophone
Joe Turner
Blues musician who had a rock feel to his music in the 40’s

T-Bone Walker


Rigged up a guitar with pickups on it “stormy monday blues”
Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
White guys who picked up AAB style and boogie woogie “Lets Rock”
Big Mama Thorton
“Aint nothin but a hound dog”- written for her, about a male prostitute, changed for Elvis
Cosmo Matassa
1945 recording studio called J&M records- recorded Little Richard and others
Piano forte
“soft and loud”- took the place of the harpsichord- originally all wood with steel strings
around the 1800’s, was given a cast iron frame. Considered a “percussion” instrument.
3 types of piano
“Grand Piano” “Baby Grand Piano” “Upright/Spinnet Piano”…. Also now acoustic and elctric(with amplifiers)
Fats Domino
1949- J;M records puts out a record with tracks”Aint that a Shame” “Blue Berry Hill” “I’m Walkin Again”
Little Richard
Renegade of Rock N Roll- more flamboyant, more threatening to whites- gospel influence
Ike Turner
Considered to have made the first “Rock n Roll” record in the 50’s “Rocket 88”
New modern world- post World Wars and people across the globe wanted to move on- Jets, bombs, space, efficient cars, new tech all around the board.
LP’s- Long playing records, TV’s, Supermarkets, refrigerators, “time savers”

Electric Guitars


Became commercially available- Fender (Leo Fender) Les Paul (worked for Gibson) – 50’s
Pat Boone
covered Little Richard and others and made the lyrics more friendly so (white) parents loved him….douche bag
Leber and Stoller
White song writers
Dewy Philips/Hunter Hancock
started playing rock n roll as disc jockeys
Allen Freed
One of the first white guys to play black music and to call it (coined it) Rock N Roll
Dave Bartholomew
producer/musician hooked up with Fats Domino in 1949- worked for J&M records
Sam Philips
Recording lots of black musicians MEMPHIS SUN RECORDS- Recorded a young BB King and King suggested Ike Turner to him
Elvis Pressly
came from sun records and Sam Philips- Invented Rockabilly
Carl Perkins
Blue Suede Shoes. King of Rockabilly
Sold Elvis to RCA Records for
Dewy Philips
 spun “Thats alright Momma” and people were confused on if he was country or blue or black or white
Scotty Moore, Bill Black
Played with Elvis
Electric blues
sound developing in Chicago
Bo Diddley
One of first black musicians to play the electric guitar in a new way
Bo Diddley Beat
was a salsa groove which Bo Diddley played and influenced players like the rolling stones
Chuck Barry
Badass, one of the first to start soloing
Standard rock band
2 Guitars, bass, drums, vocals

Jerry Lee Lewis

Incest….. Sun Records- Sam Philips- “Whole Lotta Shakin”
“The Day the music died”
Elvis gets drafted into the Army, Chuck Barry had sex with a white girl, Buddy Holly dies in plain crash- Little Richard becomes a minister, Jerry Lewis marries his 13 year old cousin, Eddie Cochran gets in car crash. 
Payolla Scandall
Disc Jockeys take and play records on radio for a certain price. Illegal
Buddy Holly
geeky looking, popularized fender stratocaster. Buddy Holly and the Crickets were the prototype for the self contained rock band. (Everyone was in the band together, set artists as a group)
Double bass, String Bass, Contra Bass, Dog house(Jazz term) Played with a Bow or fingers
Drum set
Symbols, Tom toms, Snare Drums, Base Drum, High Hat
Spanish Guitar
Classical Guitar (Acoustics)
Steel String Guitar
used by delta blues players
Leo Fender
Electric Bass
4 strings jazz and rock n roll 
Eddie Cochran
 Developed power chords “Summer Time Blues” Influenced “The Who”
Ricky Nelson
“the adventures of Ozzy and Harriet” Ricky wanted to be a singer/musician sang onTV
     LA Rockabiliy started by Ricky Nelson “I’m walkin” “Hello Marry Lou”  First Teen Idol 
“Rock Around the Clock”
Considered the first rock tune- Bill Haley and the Comets