Jimmy Page
Zeppelin Guitarist
Along w/ Hendrix expanded sonic vocab. of electric guitar
Rarely overplayed Plant’s vocals
Led Zeppelin
1st heavy metal band
Established concept of album oriented rock
“Stairway to Heaven” never a single
Later albums (starting w/ L.Z. III) more folk-derived material & celtic mythology
Frank Zappa
Music combines an understanding/appreciation of:
>20th century composers(stravinsky, stockhausen, varese)
>Late ’50s doo-wop rock & roll
>Social satire and stinging wit
>Avant-grade jazz
>Guitar-heavy rock & R&B
>Collages of many styles
Satirist w/ wicked sense of humor/absurdity
His band: “The mothers of Invention”
Art Rock (aka Classical Rock)
Blending of classical music w/ Rock
References to mythology
Use of odd meters and frequent mood/tempo changes
Mostly British
Progressive Rock
Rock influenced by jazz styles
Art rock viewed by the “rock purist”
Attempt to legitimize rock music
Aimed to broaden the market of listeners of rock music
Punk music was a revolt of Art Rock music
Leading British Atr-Rock Bands of the 60’s/70’s: Moody Blues & Pink Floyd
Moody Blues
Leading Art rock Band
“Days of Future Passed”
>Concept Album
>Programmatic Music
>Paved the way for other art rock bands
Pink Floyd
Experimental “space rock” band
Inclusion of concrete music
Creation of themes results in concepts on a massive scale
Syd Barett-important founding member
>Played major role in musical/stylistic direction of the band’s early work
“The Piper at the gates of dawn”-debut album and only one made under Syd Barett’s leadership
“Dark side of the moon”-partly inspired by Barett’s deteriorating mental state
David Bowie
British artist of Theatre rock
Cross dressing resulted in Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy sold in Britain, not in US b/c too mainstream
Set stage for glam rock (Lou Reed, Kiss, NY dolls
Proto punk
Never quite fit into mainstream R of late 60s/early 70s
Sowed the seeds for punk revolution of late 70s
Early punk bands from Detroit
>The Stooges (Iggy pop)
>Alice Cooper
MC-5 (Motor city 5)
Essentially laid foundations for the emergence of punk
Led by John Sinclair (leader of the infamous white panther party)
White Panther Party
Far left anti-racist white American political collective founded in 68 by John Sinclair
Aligned w/ radical politics
Iggy pop
Godfather of punk music
Carried on the stage drama of Jim Morrison
Originally the stooges
Alice Cooper
Father of shock rock
Influenced by comic book stories and RKO horror movie shows
The Velved Underground-NY Proto Punk
Known as the key touchstone to punk and new wave combination of music and art
Important association w/ Andy Warhol
Provided music for the exploding plastic inevitable
Lou Reed
Use of sing speak vocals and gripping narratives
Helped define street savvy R
“Walk on the wild side” by Lou Reed
Song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on unusual topics
Subject matter missed by the censors
About a series of individuals and their journeys to NY city
Returned R to the basics
3 chords and a simple melody
In America, Punk remained underground sensation
In UK, full scale phenomenon
2 most popular punk bands:
>The Ramones (US)
>Sex Pistols (UK)
The Ramones
Most popular punk band
Crystallized the musical ideals of the genre
Cut R down to bare essentials (4 chords, simple/catchy, irresistibly insane lyrics, very fast tempos)
Created something that was rooted in 60s, pre-Beatles R, and pop but sounded revolutionary.
Buble-gum punk
“Blitzkrieg Bop”, “Pinhead”, and “I Wanna be Sedated”
Richard Hell
One of the original punk rockers to emerge from NY city in 70s
Often pointed to as major influence by other subsequent punk bands
Formed the band “Neon Boys” which later was renamed “Television”
Important venue for punk/new wave bands
OMFUG-Other music for uplifting gormandizers
Marquee Moon
Laid groundwork for many of the guitar-based post-punk pop groups of the late 70s/80s
Patti Smith
Improvised lyrics that reflected life in NY
Combines 60s garage rock w/ literary writing styles of Rimbaud, Burroughs and Ginsberg
Referred to as the “Godmother of Punk”
Anticipates new wave music
Hybrid of classic rock and post-Beat poetry
British Punk
Brought to UK by Malcolm McLaren
McLared became Sex Pistols manager