Events and date leading to Civil Rights Movement
Brown vs. Board of Ed. Of Topeka, Kansas 1954
soul parallels
the Civil Rights Movement
Soul char.
cultural associations outside music, A sense of black pride, Hairstyles, clothing, Food, handshakes, etc
Soul music had, (3)
Regional differences, Emotional expression of the 60s black experience, and Melismatic vocal gospel
first major soul singer
Ray charles
Live at the Apollo did what for James brown
istbl him as Soul innovator
known for stage shows
James brown
“I Got a Woman” singer, date
Ray Charles 1954
“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag, Pt. 1” singer and date
James Brown (1965)
The 1st #1 hit for both the Supremes and Holland/Dozier/Holland.
“Where Did Our Love Go”
The highest charting hit at #2 for Sam and Dave in 1967
“Soul Man”
The soul innovator
James Brown
Cold Sweat singer date
James Brown (1967)
Taking a short musical phrase (2 or 4 bar phrase) and repeat it over and over again
known for grouping soul and gospel
Sam Cooke
Born MS Delta, son of preacher
Sam Cooke
“Tracks of My Tears”
Smokey Robinson 1965
when did Sam Cooke cross over to soul
“You Send Me” #1 pop hit date and singer
Sam Cooke 1957
date Sam Cooke death
based on Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”
“A Change in Gonna Come” Sam Cooke
Motown was Formed by and when
1959 by Berry Gordy
Assembly Line
tightly controlled family business Weekly production
Influenced by wall of Sound
basement studio ; overdubbing, other techniques used
Funk Brothers consisted of
E. Van Dyke, B. Benjamin, James Jamerson, bass
*know Motown sound*
Funk Brothers
Motown producers incl.
Smokey Robinson, B. Strong, N. Whitfield, Ashford and Simpson,
The most successful songwriting/production team
Holland, Dozier, Holland (HDH)
Produce 46 Top 4 and 12 #1 hits
Holland, Dozier, Holland (HDH)
“Stop! In the Name of Love” group, writer, year went #1
The Supremes (#1 1965), written and produced by HDH
Soul Man producers
Isaac Hayes and David Porter STAX records
Memorable for melody and lyrics in Motown
Smokey Robinson
early in the Motown and sung “Mr postman”
gospel influenced voice, keyboards, drums, excelled at harmonica
Little Stevie Wonder
“Fingertips Pt 2” singer and year went to #1
Little Stevie Wonder 1963
Made political statements with songs
Marvin Gaye
“Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)”
Marvin Gaye
“Respect” singer and where it was recorder, when and with whom
Arthea Franklin, recorded in New York, with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section in 1967.
When did went “Reach, I’ll Be There” go #1 and who was it written by
in 1966 Holland Doizer Holland
sung “Reach, I’ll Be There”
The four tops
“My Girl” year went number one, writter and singer
1965 (Smokey Robinson) The Temptations
“Where Did Our Love Go” singer and year went #1
The Supremes 1966
“You can Hurry Love” singer and year went to #1
The Supremes 1966
“Heatwave” singer and year went to #4
1963 Martha and the Vandellas
“I Want You Back” singer and year went to #1
The Jackson 5 1969
this groups First four singles went to #1
The Jackson 5
char. of Memphis,in the late 1950s
racially segregated
“transracial” attitude exists among musicians
who started and what year satellite records later to be known as STAX
Jim Stewart 1957
Jim Stewart’s sister and year she joined STAX
Estelle Axton 1958
When Stax records is born
Capitol Theatre home of
“Cause I Love You” sung by and produced with
Rufus and Carla Thomas STAX
Staxs sound
Live, spontaneous, punchy, emotional, tight, and not overly produced
“Last Night”
the Royal Spades
Stax in-house rhythm section
Booker T. and the Mgs
How Stax grew
by chance w/o clear business plan
Stax Inhouse producers
Isaac Hayes, David Porter
Had a Live, spontaneous session environment
Has punchy, emotional, tight, not overly produced sound
“Hold On, I’m Comin’” sung by and year and who it was produced with
Sam and Dave, 1966 STAX
Events Leading to the demise of Stax(4)
Death of Otis Redding
realization of sold masters to Atlantic
racial tensions increase from Dr. martin Luther King Jr murder,
IRS investigation
Stax closing year
IMP Stax artists
Brooker T and the MG’s, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett , Sam and Dave
“In the Midnight Hour”and who it was produced with
Wilson Pickett STAX
“Soul Man”sung by and year it went to #2 and who it was produced with
Sam and Dave 1967 STAX
“Shake”sung by and who it was produced with
Otis Redding STAX
“Green Onions” sung by and year it went to #3 and who it was produced with
Brooker T and the MG’s 1962 STAX
What record company had Aretha sing in Jazz and when
Columbia 1960s
James Wexler allowed Aretha sing how and with whom
in her natural style and with, Muscle Shoals
Year Aretha Franklin signed with Atlantic
“I Never Loved a Man (the Way I love You)” Singer and year it went to #9
Aretha Franklin (#9 1967)
“Respect” singer ,year went to #1 and recording studio
Aretha Franklin 1967 Atlantic
Early 20th century; renewed interest in
folk music
Folk interest energy renewed by (4)
Political organizations
Wobbilies: Little Red Songbook, Socialist groups
who discovered Leadbelly
John and Alan Lomax
“Goodnight Irene”
Wrote songs about the plight of the common man
Woody Guthrie
Talking blues vocal style
Woody Guthrie
“Pretty Boy Floyd” year recorded, by whom and charc. of song
March 1939,
Woody Guthrie
uses his distinctive talking blues singing style.
Becomes famous as member of the Weavers
Pete Seeger
when did Folk becomes popular alternative to rock and roll
Late 1950s
“House of the Rising Sun” who sang it, on what album, and characteristics of song
Joan Baez
Joan Baez’s self-titled album
most traditional of folk songs
“Tom Dooley” person and year went number 1
Kingston Trio 1958
“Banana Boat (Day-O)” person and year went #5
Harry Belafonte 1957
Year and person who introduces Bob Dylan on tour
Late 1950s Joan Baez
important publications in Folk scene
People’s Songs
Sing Out!
“Lemon Tree”
(#35 1962) Peter Paul and Mary
“Just Like a Woman” written/sung by, when, what album and where
Bob Dylan
Blonde on Blonde
recorded in Nashville
The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan came out in
songs on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
“Blowin’ in the Wind”- “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”-. “Masters of War. “Oxford Town”
when did Bob Dylan start working with Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and “the band”
when where basement tapes recorded
The Times They Are a Changin’ came out in
early 1964
Album that Est. Dylan as leader of the folk community
The Times They Are a Changin’
“A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” Written/Sung by, Album it was on, and meaning
Bob Dylan
Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan,
what a post-nuclear world might be like.
“Like a Rolling Stone” Singer, Album, year, # on charts, imp char
Highway 61 Revisited,
imp in showing the potential of folk and rock.
Year Blonde on Blonde came out when and by whom and where it was recorded
1966 Bob Dylan Nashville TN
Bringing it All Back Home songs
“Subterranean Homesick Blues”, “Mr. Tambourine Man”
Bringing it All Back Home came out in and by whom
1965 Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan’s importance; (3)
imp of lyrics,
brought ‘anybody can do it’ ethos, influential singer/songwriters
Managed the beatles and what did for them
Brian Epstien; moptop haircuts, mohair suits
Produced the bealtes
George Martin
Beatles audition tape and when it was made
Beasame Mucho 6/6/62
Beatles first album and release date
“Please, Please Me”
March 22, 1963
Second Beatles album and release date
With the Beatles November 22 1963
Imp Venues Beatles played at early on
Reeperbahn and the Cavern Club
Year Beatles met with Dylan
Third Beatles Album and year released
Hard Days Night 1964
4th Beatles album and year
Beatles For Sale 1964
5gh bealtes album and year
Help! 1965
Album with more lyrics take on more meaning
1st album of psychedelic era and year released
Revolver 1966
two songs about childhoods of songwriters in Liverpool and author
Penny lane (McCartney), Strawberry fields Forever (lennon)
last concert and place
8/30/66 in San Francisco
1st rock album w/ lyrics printed inside cover
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” written by and album
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Lennon),
“She’s Leaving Home” author and album
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (McCartney)
“Within you, without your” Author and album
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Harrison)
“Day in the Life” author and album
Sgt. Pepper’s (Lennon/McCartney)
Magical Mystery Tour release date and type
1967 Extended play (EP)- only 6 songs
Our World TV program; date
Brian Epstein dies in
August 67
Only beatles double album
The Beatles (the white album)
Happiness is a Warm Gun album and author
the beatles (Lennon)
Helter Skelter album and author
the beatles white album (McCartney)
Revolution 9 album and author
The Beatles White Album (Lennon)
Blackbird album and author
The Beatles White Album (McCartney)
Album Originally to be named Get Back
Let it Be
Last album made and release date
Abbey Road September 26, 1969
Get Back author
Let it Be release date
May 8, 1970