Jefferson Airplane

first band to acheive popularity in Acid Rock

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Janis Joplin

Regarded as best white blues female singer of 1960s

Jimi Hendrix

Most innovative guitarist that turned feedback and distortion into music

Hard Rock

Returns Rock & Roll to blues

Eric Clapton

Known for his fuzz tone guitar sound where he poked holes into speaker cones
Most progressive Hard Rock group of the UK
Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck

Members of the Yardbirds

Over Under Sideways Down & Happening Ten Years Time Ago

Hard Rock Songs by the Yardbirds

Hard Rock transforms the Blues in what ways?

-Guitar becomes main instrument

-Blues is now revived

-Guitar solo’s are now possible

Jeff Beck group

This Hard Rock;group layed the groundwork for Heavy Metal

Rock my plimsoul
Name of song by Jeff Beck group
Led Zeplin

Most influential and succesful of hard rock/ heavy metal pioneers

Led Zeplin
First to dethrone Beatles from top of popularity charts

Led Zeplin

Realigns direction of rock towards hard edge
Hard Rock
Longest living genre of Rock
AC/DC, Scorpions, KISS, Aerosmith

Heavy Metal Groups

Led Zeplin, Deep Purple
Origins of Metal
Black Sabbath
First of metals groups to deal with taboo: occult, black magic, death, satanic orientation
Ozzy Osbourne
Bit of head of Bat during Black Sabbath concert
Thrash, Glam, Seattle Grunge, Christian Rock
4 Sub Genres of Heavy Metal
Eddie Van Halen
Most skilled guitarist gave major leap in guitar technique
Hammer on and Pull off
Eddie Van Halens guitar technique
Art Rock
Melding of classical music and Rock
Unacknowledged Borrowings

first stage of Art Rock

Association with Orchastral Classical Idiom
Stage 2 of Art Rock
Use of Orchastra
Stage 2b of Art Rock
Emergence of Art Rock
Stage 4 of Art Rock
Unacknowledged Borrowings
Classical music given Pop feel, dont inform listners on its borowings
Association with Orchastral Classical Idiom
Symphonic orchastra worked into rock song
Use of Orchastra
Used synthesizers to mimic orchastra during live performances
Emergence of Art Rock

Want Rock to become more sophisticated, new style of art rockers emerge

Elvis Presleys ;Its Now or Never; originaly by Eduardo Di Capua ;O Solo Mio;

Example of borrowing from Art Rock

Beatles from Seargent Pepper album entitled ;A Day In the Life; and Moody Blues ;Days of Future Past
Two examples of Association with Orchastra Classical Idiom


Name of first synthesizer used

1)Formally trained in musical conservatory

2)Grew up emersed in pop and rock and roll

Art Rockers are first musicians who could both:
Emergence of Art Rock
Connected rock with avant garde
Emerson, Lake, Palmer
First Art Rock Group
Pictures at an Art Exhibition
Name of Lake, Palmer, Emersons song

Second Branch of Art Rock

Little classical music used, ;studio magic;, Lengty, many instruments

Musique Concrete

Third branch of Art Rock, 20th century avant garde music using tape recorder as instrument
Edgar Varase ;Poem Electronique;
Name of Musique Concrete song

Pink Floyd

Top Art Rock Bad
Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyds album that had the longest shelf life and stayed on top 200 list for 14 years

Art Rock Avant Garde music that uses a simple melody, repetition and transitions in repetition using thematic material

Mike Oldfields ;Tubular Bells;

Highpoint of Art Rock song

Describe Punk
Rebellion, revolutionary against traditional values, unusual fashions, provocation of audiance
The Velvet Underground
One of first punk groups, led to other groups
Heroin and Venus in Furs
Two Velvet Undergroud songs
The Stooges
Another one of first punk groups that led to others
Iggy Pop
Godfather of punk rock that was known for his self mutilation, vomited on audiance, walking on fans hands
Glam Rock
Known for gender bending, androgeny, tranvestism
David Bowie
Brought sexual ambiguity and theatre to rock
Ziggy Stardust
;Name of David Bowies fictional character that he pretends to be 24/7
1) Ziggy Stardust 2) Wears Dress on Album Cover 3)Claims Bisxuality
Three developments in his career

The Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Name of first album
New York
Origination of Punk
Small club in new york that brought new musical possiblities in RnR. Was against mainstream music and culture and wanted to bring a venue for unsigned bands

Hilly Kristal

propriator of CBGB
The Ramones
Primary model for UK punk
Loudmouth, Beat on Beat

Names of Ramones songs

Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood

Name of owners or ;SEX; UK punk rock fashion store responsible for creating image of punk rock in UK
Sex Pistols
Created by Malcolm McLaren to head his ideas and styles for punk Rock
The Clash
First major punk Statement, figurehead of UK Punk Explosion

Punk Vanguard (New Wave)

Sub group of punk; Alternative to mainstream, little concern with political issues

Punk Populism (Hard Core)
Anti-establishment genre of punk

Acid Rock, Hard Rock, Art Rock

3 important genres of Progressive Rock
New Leftists and the hippies
Two important subgroups of radicals