Big Brother and the Holding Company
Janis Joplins backup Band
Michael Hollingshead
introduced Timothy Leary to acid and started the World Psychedelic Center in London
UFO club
home of the psychedelic underground in london
soft machine and tomorrow
other than pink floyd, two big london underground psychedelia bands
Their Satanic Majesties REquest
trippiest Rolling Stones album
band that expanded the talent and skill of using rock instruments; blues tradition with an acid side
Monterey, Woodstock, Altamont
three most important rock festivals
Isle of Wight festival
largest UK festival
the rock musician has the responsibility to produce sophisticated music using whatever means at their disposal
the hippie aesthetic
Deep Purple
one of the first rock albums with an orcestra, the artist not the album tho
king crimson and emerson lake and palmer
two first prog rockers
jethro tull and yes
two hippie inspired prog rockers
new york underground punk scene
Malcolm McLaren
Sex Pistols manager, owner of SEX, manager of new york dolls