Originating in and characteristics of a particular region or country
A West African traveling minstral that passes news and music between villages through song
Melancholic music of black american folk origin, originating in the South
slapping the hands legs, and body to produce complex, rapid rhytms that originate back to the slave days
Patting Juba
spiritual, rhythmic music in teh Black, southern church
train that went through New orleans, Louisiana, and ended in Chicago used in the Great Migration
Illinois Central Railraod
relocation of more than 6 million Blacks from rural South to cities in the North such as New York and Chicago
The Great Migration
Extremely rich and fertile piece of land in Mississippi between the Mississippi and Yazoo river; considered “the most southern region in the world” (in culture sense)
Mississippi Delta
bar in rural south for music, alcohol, and gambling with a focus on dancing and socializing
Juke Joint
the white equivelant to a juke joint, but with an empasis on drinking and dancing
a term used to differenciate between white and black music (this term is a reference used to descripe black music)
Race Records
had a monopoly on Blues Music in Chicago
Chess Records
invented the first solid body electric guitar
Leo Fender
first disc jockey and concert producer of rock and roll; coined the term “rock-and-roll”
Alan Freed
An announcer of a radio show of popular recorded music on disks
disk jockey
what Chuck Berry called his audience
Salt and Pepper
Law case that said that segregation is legal as long as they’re equal
Plessy v Ferguson
Law case that overturned Plessy v Ferguson in 1954
Brown v The Board of Education
mainstream white artists who did covers of Black songs
Cover singers
considered the capital of Black America and Blues; in Memphis, Tennessee
Beale Street
orginization founded in 1909, oldest and largest known civil rights movement
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
special tickets for white spectators to buy to Black music concerts
White spectator tickets