the Toonerville Trolly
newspaper cartoon
James Petrillo
Banned music on the radio because record companies were scared to allow radios to broadcast their stuff. “free music”
Tried to censor stuff because people wrote “naughty” songs about sex and drugsG
gene lees
explained what swing is, citing spanish syncopations.
Rudolph Fisher
Black radiologist, explains cross cultural attraction
caucasian storm harlem
white people began to listen to jazz and went to urban cabarets. cotton club in harlem is famous, shift from black to white audiences.
The Etude
Popular music teachers magazine jazz is a problem because it corrupts young musicians and make for sloppy technique.
The Jazz problem
People argue that jazz is killing music because it inspires musicians to use bad style. Also people argue that bebop killed big band.
Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie parker
Founders of bebop
Pianist William “Billy” Taylor
Worked with guys above, says jazz is a good and equally available to all
Jazz a summit meeting
Playboy helped break down the gender roles of the 50’s First issue included jazz as a trapping of all the good life
Louis Armstrong on music and politics
Things he said about civil rights were heard by all because he was famous