Cootie William
Joe Jones
Drummer in Basies band
Lester Young
Sax, nick name prez
Military march. ragtime
when base players started playing on all four beats
Piano went bye bye
fibinachi’s number
porportion in music. balance
Scott Joplin
Jelly Roll Morton
Pianist, composer, band leader. ODJB
Nick Larocca
ODJB band leader first jazz record
Lt James Reese Europe
military band leader
Ralph peer of Okeh
First company to have a race series. started its 8000 series in 1921
sidney bechet
Clarinet, soprano sax
Paul Whiteman
one of bix’s periods
Fletcher Henderson
Swing (scoring of steamboat willie)
Joe Glaser
Louis armstron manager
LIl Hardin
Jazz pianist, composer, arranger, sknger, and bandleader, and the second wife of Louis Armstron with who she collaborated on many recordings in the 1920s
Earl Fatha Hines
Duke Ellignton
composer, band leader, pianist, manipulated for the most interesting. the canges are the chord progression
Count Basie
Freddie green
guitar(basies band)
walter page
bass for basies band
bubber miley
famous for plunger mute
East St louis toodle-oo
Big band
Benny Goodman
Jazz clarinet pop star. play with bix
Jimmy Blanton
Famous Bassit
Lionel Hapton
Drummer, singer and flamboyant entertainer
gene krupa
vistuoso drummer
Teddy wilson
one of the 1st black musicians to appear w/ white musicians
cotton club
where ellingtons early band played for floor shows
Ellignton does not play
French impressionism pieces
Where Lousia armstrong chose to leave new orleans for
Louis armstrong was outspoken about racism in the integration of birmingham LA
true and he was criticized for it
played roles for white audiences taht were demeaning to modern audiences
stressed solo rather then group improv
why louis armstron is considered to be a significant jazz artist
the first great white jazz artist, first cool jazz musician and first to use impressionism
french impressionist
Louis Armstrong
first group to record
Maple leaf rag
scott joblin. is a precourser to jazz. and jazz is never written down, its improved
Race records