3 characteristics of BeBop
Small combo instead of big band. Irregular drum beats called Bombs. Extended and complex improvisation
Max Roach: important work of his relative to social movement in 60s, as well as his role in jazz
Considered one of the most important drummers in jazz. 1960 he wrote the We Insist! Freedom Now Suite
Third Stream
new genre brought together classical elements and jazz
Gunther Schuller
named third stream jazz, french horn virtuoso
John Coltrane: What was his instrument? What special elements did he bring to his playing and compositions?
Played Saxophone, and he developed jazz as an outlet of personal searching and evolution
Give title and date of Coltrane’s best known album illustrating personal searching
A Love Supreme – 1964. Dedicated to God
What is fusion
merges jazz with elements of other styles of music like funk, rock, r, world music, pop styling, etc
Miles Davis’ Role in Fusion?
1970 made music with cross cultural influences, and in 1980 worked with jazz rock
Important Title by Davis including name, date, and artists he worked with
Bitches Brew in 1970 Worked with Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.
Weather Report?
hit tune called bird land, named after a jazz club
Ornette Coleman? Role in Free Jazz? Famous Album?
Helped develop the genre, his album was Free Jazz, and cover art was mainly text
Philip Glass’s Hydrogen Jukebox – original source of lyrics? original author? three social issues?
Inspired by the poem HOWL by Allen Ginsberg in 1966. Adresses the environment, antiwar movement, and the sexual revolution
John Adam’s Pulitzer prize?
On The Transmigration of Souls (2002). Comissioned after 9/11, words and narrations from signs of missing persons. Contained musical quote from Charles Ive’s The Unsanswered Question
Leonard Bernstein’s multiple roles in American Music?
American conductor, composor, author, pianist. First american born/educated composer to receive international fame
Leonard Bernstein and the NY Philharmonic in 1958?
First american conductor and director
West Side Story: Date, two artists and their skills
1957. Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Choreography by Jerome Robbins.
What are two of Stephen Sondheim’s musicals that are different from others?
Into the Woods: different look at traditional fairy tales. Assasins: people that killed famous presidents
Alan Freed: Emergence of R? End of Career?
Disc Jockey, claimed to invent term rock n roll. indicted for payola
Leo FendeR? Two inventions
1954 stratocaster, 1960 jazz bass
Les Paul? Two inventions
invented reel to reel taping and over dubbing
Buddy Holly: two hit songs, career end?
Peggy Sue and That’ll be the Day. Died in a plane crash
Richie Valens?
Wrote La Bamba! First mexican american to gain mainstream success
What is payola?
When record companies paid djs for heavy airtime during the 1950s. led to end of lots of careers
Berry Gordy / Motown
Detroit 1959. Lots of success with black artists
Important song writing team and band for Motown
Holland-Dozier-Holland and The Funk Brothers
Two Motown Groups and Two Hits by Each
The Temptations (My Girl, Ain’t Too Proud to Beg) and The Jackson 5 (ABC, I’ll Be There)
STAX: location, dates, artist roster
Memphis 1960-1975. black & white artists
Two STAX artists:
Otis Redding (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay)
Sam & Dave (I’m a Soul Man)
James Brown’s April 5th Concert in 1968
after death of MLK
James Brown’s hit song in late 60s that described black attitude
Say It Loud. black attitude
3 causes championed by folk singers
social movement, sense of person, humanitarian responsibility
Woody Guthrie. hit song, two younger artists who said he’s a role model
This Land is Our Land. Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springstein. traveled with migrant workers.
Weavers. Success as a folk group? Political affect on career?
major success, accused of communism in 1950s
Montery International Pop Music Festival: Dates, 3 reasons why important, 2 artists who got their start here
June 16-18 in 1967. Jimi Hendrix & The Who. First widely promoted and heavily attended rock festival. Otis Redding performed in front of a primarily white audience. Started the Summer of Love
Where did punk develop from?
strippeddown version of rock n roll
Two pioneer groups of punk in 60s/70s, and song titles
Velvet Undergound (Venus in Furs, Heroin)
The Ramones (I want to be sedated, Rockaway Beach)
What is CBGBs?
Country Bluegrass Blues. Famous punk venu
Ian MacKaye: Two groups he performed with, hardcore scene?
Minor Threat and Fugazi. Started straightedge movement
Grunge: Dates, location?
Seattle, mid 1980s
Two early grunge bands
Sound Garden, Nirvana
3 disturbing grunge topics
Drug addiction, paranoia, violence
Subpop: Location, date started. importance in grunge scene?
Indie Record Label. Seattle, 1986. First to sign a lot of grunge bands
Started in 1981
3 background elements of rap
african roots in griot tradition. carribean dance tradition. disco; blending beats
important female rapper & song/date
Roxane Shante, Roxanne’s Revenge in 1984
explain 3 famous rap controversies
Beatsie Boys: 1986, black/white rap ownership
NWA: 1988 Straight Outta Compton (gang terretories)
Public Enemy: 1989 Fight the Power (question authority)
Kind of Blue: Blue in Green
Miles Davis. Jazz. 1959. Recorded with little to no rehearsal.
Masters of War
Bob Dylan. 1963. Melody adapted from “Nottamun Town.” Protest against the Cold Warm Arms buildup.
Velvet Underground. 1967 on Velvet Underground & Nico. Overly depicts heroin use, neither positive or negatively
Queen Latifah. 1994. Spoke out against sexism and disrespect of women.