__________ was the “Father of Bluegrass”
Bill Monroe
Robert Johnson was the “King of the ______ Delta Blues”
Pete Johnson was the _______ pianist who recorded “Roll ’em Pete” with Big Joe Turner
Boogie Woogie
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys played _______ a style of music popular in the American Southwest
Country Swing (Texas Swing)
Lionel Hampton was a popular artist in what style of dance music popular in the 1930s and 40s?
Big Band Swing
Bessie Smith sang __________ a popular style of blues that followed a 12 bar form and was accompanied by professional musicians?
Classic Blues
_______ was the father of Gospel Music
Thomas Dorsey
Rock and Roll draws from what styles of music?
Bluegrass, Country Swing,
Delta Blues, Classic Blues,
Boogie Woogie, Big Band Swing, and Gospel
Rock and Roll can be identified by what style characteristics?
A driving heavy backbeat, a boogie bass line, lyrics about youth culture (cars, sex, romance and rebellion)
Bill Haley and His Comets gained national attention with “__________” a #1 Rock and Roll recording featured in the movie Blackboard Jungle
Rock Around the Clock
Louie Jordan was a performer of _______ a style of hard driving dance music.
Jump Blues
_______ popularized the electric guitar in R&B music.
T-Bone Walker
_________ was the Kansas City blues shouter who sang on the recording “Roll ’em Pete”
Big Joe Turner
AM radio disc jockeys chose to ignore mainstream white record labels and play small independent ______ labels instead.
The four white disc jockeys of Nashville’s WLAC were known as the __________
50,000 watt quartet
Bill Monroe
Robert Johnson
Mississippi Delta Blues
Pete Johnson
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
Texas Swing
Lionel Hampton
Big Band Swing
Bessie Smith
Classic Blues
Thomas Dorsey
Sun Records is located in the what city?
________ was the owner of Sun Records. He worked hard to record music by artists both black and white
Sam Phillips
_______ is a frenzied mix of Country, Blues, Gospel and Pop
True or False? Elvis wrote most of his music.
_________ was known as the king of Rockabilly. Throughout his career, he stayed true to his style.
Carl Perkins
___________ was the artist known as “the killer” and Elvis’s rival.
Jerry Lee Lewis
J&M Records was located in which city?
New Orleans
_______ was the owner of J&M records.
Cosimo Matassa
Legendary New Orleans musician/producer ________ played a crucial role in the development of rock and roll at J&M records with his collaborations with Fats Domino.
Dave Bartholomew
New orleans is a major contributor to crossover R&B music through its emphasis on musical elements __________.
Piano, sax, and bass.
Popular New Orleans artist ________ “offered white kids an easy first step into the world of black music”
Fats Domino
New Orleans artist ________ was the direct opposite of Fats Domino. He was a total extrovert known as the Bronze Liberace.
Little Richard
New Orleans rock and roll can be identified by what style characteristics?
Emphasis on Piano, Bass and Sax
Bass Lines from Cultural Mix of New Orleans
Piano Derived from Jazz, R&B,
and ragtime heavy guitar, and Latin/Caribbean influence
Rockabilly can be identified by what style characteristics?
Use of slapping base, no drummer in band, acoustic guitar played hard and percussively
The ambassador of the New Orleans sound ____ combined country with R&B and offered white kids a first step into the world of black music.
Fats Domino
Chess Records is located in which city?
______ were the owners of chicago blues record label Chess Records.
Phil and Leonard
True or False? When the blues moved from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago it became amplified.
Popular artist ______ from Chess Records established rock and roll as a form in itself and established the guitar as THE rock instrument.
Chuck Berry
Bo Diddley is known for his use of distinctive rhythm pattern called the ___________. This rhythm can be traced back to the “hambone” beats and the “ring shouts” of slavery.
Bo Diddley Beat
Popular rock and roll artist _______- from Chess records is known as the poet laureate of rock and broke through color barriers and played to integrated audiences.
Chuck Berry
The late 50s were the transitional period between initial R&B, and the teen idol period. The new comers had a ________ image that helped broaden the appeal of rock and roll.
Clean cut
LA rockabilly artist ________ grew up in front of the nation as Little Ricky in the adventures of ozzie and harriet and put R&B music in America’s living room.
Ricky Nelson
_______ was the last of the 50s rock and roll giants. He pointed the music toward the first rock band, popularized the Fender stratocaster and was the first major white rock and roll artist to write/produce his own music.
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly embraced rockabilly and imitated ______ as best he could.
Buddy Holly and _______ were the prototype for a self-contained rock band. Their two guitar, bass and drums combination set the standard for British bands.
The Crickets
Eddie Cochran gained more fame in ________ than America.
Cochran was a major influence on guitar players from _____ through his early development of the power chord sound.
Buddy Holly and the crickets established this instrumental lineup as the standard for rock bands in England and the US
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drum Set
Chess records was started in the late forties by Leonard and Phil Chess. Chess was the most stable of the Chicago ____ labels.
Which two jazz/pop vocal groups from the 1930s and 40s inspired younger groups to form a more polished sound in a more R direction?
The Mills Brothers and The Ink Spots
Which two vocal groups were important early R Doo-wop transition groups?
The Orioles and The Ravens
The doo-wop style, which developed out of east coast settings, emphasized _________ above rhythm.
Tue or False? Few doo-wop groups managed to make it onto the charts or sustain careers, many groups became one hit wonders and the individuality of each artist was erased by the group.
Star groups of the time were The Platters, The Coasters, and the Drifters. Of the three, ______ were one of the most successful crossover acts in the 1950s.
The Platters
The teenagers featured 13 year old _____. Their sound was closer to the street corner singing style. Their biggest hit was “why do fools fall in love”.
Frankie Lymon
The influence of _______ music was the key element of soul.
_______ was not really R music; instead he drew from the entire spectrum of music and ignited R with the impassioned testifying of southern Holy Roller revival meeting.
Ray Charles
_______ was very different from Ray Charles in that he was known as the graceful voice in soul music. His voice had a more floating quality compared to Charles.
Sam Cook
_________ sweeping register leaps, rich vibrato, and falsetto breaks were his trademarks.
Jackie Wilson’s
________ a former gymnast and boxer, was an energetic and agile showman.
Jackie Wilson
Known as the Godfather of Soul______ had incredible stage show productions.
James Brown
James Brown’s unique sound featuring highly syncopated rhythm’s using the chocked chord guitar sound and broken bass lines was the early influence for ____ music.
What tragic event happened February 3rd, 1959 and is considered a turning point for R&B?
The death of Buddy Holley.
The most successful teen idol was?
Bobby Vinton
As the country turned to Top 40 formats in the early 1960s, ______ in New York City was the center of all of the hit songwriting.
The Brill Building
The Brill Building housed _____ Publishing, the symbol for popular music in NYC.
Aldon Music
Of the songwriters who were usually grouped in pairs ______ and _______ were the most prolific hit-makers at Aldon music due to their variety and ability to change with the times.
Gerry Goffin and Carol King
The engine of the teen idol machine was the Philadelphia television show (later to become national) ______ hosted by Dick Clark
American Bandstand
The term _________ is used to describe the bribery of an influential person in exchange for the promotion of a product or service, such that of disc jockeys for the promotion of records.
The Coasters and the Drifters were New-Doo-Wop groups from the early 1960s. Both groups were affiliated with _________.
Jerry Leiber and Mike Stroller
Leiber & Stroller paved the way for the Brill Building writers and Phil Spector productions and were the first _________ writers to compose authentic R&B.
White/European American
______ were known for their use of Playlets, short mini dramas acted out in 2-3 minute songs.
The Coasters
With Neo-Doo-Wop group _________ Leiber and Stroller developed a high-tech production style referred to as “Uptown R&B”
The Drifters
The music of the girl groups often had an underlying current of _______ behind the innocence. Males were idealized images of adolescent romanticism.
Girl groups were about ________ rather than an individual voice or image and were linked to a producer who often projected HIS vision rather than the groups vision.
Sound and Style
______ were an important model for the girl groups that followed.
The Chantels
White girl groups like ________ and the Shangri-las, lacked the gospel-derived emotion of the black groups and relied heavily on melodramatic spoken interludes; the brazen tough girls were a challenge to the sugary girl group image.
The Angels
________ invented the role of the modern producer
Phil Spector
Spector’s _________ featured the use of many instruments. Spector called his grand pop records “little symphonies for the kids”
Wall of Sound
Phil Spector’s large list of Los Angeles studio musicians, which he used to back his artists became known as ________.
The Wrecking Crew
Girl group _______ inspired Phil Spector’s best work and became the Bad girls of pop.
The Ronettes
The male duo, _________-, were Phil Spector’s last great success and came around the time of the arrival of the Beatles and the decline of girl groups.
The Righteous Brothers.
______ with their song “maybe” were an important model for the girl groups that followed.
The Chantels
Early instrumental rock artist ______ developed a style known as “twangy” guitar and formed the model for surfband guitarists that followed.
Duane Eddy
Surf Music was primarily an instrumental style of the 1960s. Surf music reestablished the ________ role as a central instrument in rock and roll since it had virtually disappeared as lead instrument in the early 60s pop.
The Guitar
Instrumental surf group ______ solidified the two guitar/bass/drum line up for rock and roll bands and became a favorite with the surf crowd.
The Ventures
______ was the kind of the surf guitar.
Dick Dale
_______ was a simple, raw form of rock and roll inspired British Invasion bands and was the first wave of do-it-yourself punk rockers
Garage Rock
US Congress had a full scale investigation to find out what smut was in the song _______ and the FBI delcared it “incomprehensible at any speed”
Louie Louie (Kingsman)
California band ______ painted a landscape of beach, paradise, hot rods, and California girls and were America’s answer to the Beatles
The Beach Boys
The style of the Beach Boys is a combination of the jazz vocal harmonies of _________ and instrumental surf music.
The Four Freshman
________ was the quiet genius of the Beach Boys who was influenced by Phil Spector’s “wall of sound”
Brian Wilson
Critically considered a masterpiece and one of rock and roll’s most important albums _____ became Brian Wilson’s master project in 1966.
Pet Sounds.
_________ was fueled by the Beatles album Rubber Soul and in turn became a major influence on the Beatles with their album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Pet Sounds.
The Beach Boys hit song ____________ was labeled as a psychedelic tune and was Wilson’s finest hour as a producer.
Good Vibrations.