E (open)
E7 (open)
Emaj7 (open)
Emin7 (open)
Esus4 (open)
E7sus4 (open)
E6 (open)
Em6 (open)
E9 (1st fret)
Em9 (2nd fret)
E (4th fret)
Use C form:
1st finger form “barre” on 4th fret,
2nd,3rd, and 4th fingers are used for C-chord like fingering pattern.

E7 (5th fret)

E7 (7th fret)
Em7 (3rd fret)
Emaj7 (4th fret)
Esus4 (9th fret)
E6 (5th)
Em6 (5th)
E9 (6th)
Em9 (10th)
Emaj9 (1st)
Emaj9 (4th)

E+ (4th-8th-12th frets)

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(1st finger on 3rd string)