What is a flange?
The thing that holds the tape to the reel on a tape machine.
Describe a mixing board.
It’s a console that controls the input, output, and monitor system. It also controls track levels and manipulates signals.
What’s an inline console?
A board that has the mic input and track return (line input) in the same channel strip. It has two channel paths in one channel strip.
What’s a split console?
A board that has separate mic input and track return (line input) places on the board.
What is ergonomics?
What captures frequency?
Sample rate.
What captures amplitude?
Bit Depth.
If capturing 15kHz, what must the sample rate be? What about 24kHz?
30kHz. 48kHz.
Describe depth, in accordance to echo.
An added longer time range to variate delays.
Explain temporal fusion.
When direct sound’s reflections are heard too quickly after the direct sound, being indistinguishable from one another.