What is delay, relating to echo?
The time intervals between echoes.
What does modulation mean?
What is an amplitude modulation called?
What is a frequency modulation called?
Explain the doppler effect.
As a moving sound source travels towards a stationary listen, the pitch and amplitude increase. As a moving sound source travels away from a stationary listen, the pitch and amplitude decrease.
What is the Leslie speaker?
A speaker that uses the doppler effect by rotating the speaker within the cabinet.
Describe flanger.
A variable time shift (8-12 ms)


Describe phasing.
Time shift (2-6 ms).
Describe chorus.
Slight time and pitch shift to emulate a chorus group or humanizing element (14-? ms)
What is feedback, in relation to echo?
It sends the produced echo back into the input which creates echo regenerations.
What is depth, in relation to echo?
Added LONGER time range to variate delays. (Delay at 200. Depth: 200-250. Wider swing = longer delay time. It creates two delay times)
What is rate, in relation to echo?
How quickly delay goes between depth.
What modulations mainly make up chorus, flanger, phaser, etc.?
Depth and rate.
How does convolution reverb work?
It samples and emulates the acoustics within a room.
List the echo timeline in chronological order.
Telephone lines > Tape > Oil Cans > Echoplex > Bucket Brigade (Analog) > Digital
Who created spring reverb? What was it first used in?
Laurens Hammond created spring reverb.

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It was first used in an organ.

List reverb timeline in chronological order.
Acoustic Echo Chamber > Spring Reverb > Plate/Foil > Digital
Why did recordings from 20s – 50s sound dry?
Jukeboxes couldn’t play reverb so recordings normally didn’t have reverb.
What is an acoustic echo chamber?
A highly reflective room with a speaker at one end and a mic at the other.
What was the first plate reverb and when was it made?
EMT 140, 1957
What was the first digital reverb and when was it made?
EMT 250, 1972
What was the first sign of delay?
Telephone wires. Signal would be sent for miles to another city then back to the radio station, causing a delay.
When did the use of tape machines arise?
Who is Ray Butts? What did he do?
Ray Butts created the Maestro Echoplex which allowed for delay in live sound and added more playback heads for more control.
Who created the BBD? When?
K. Teer and F. Sangster created the Bucket-Brigade Device (analog delay) in 1969.