Speakers are what kind of transducers?
Speakers are double transducers.
What are the three main types of speakers?
Electro Dynamic (Moving Coil)
Electro Static (Works on the theory of variable capacitance and has a hyped frequency response).
What are the two OTHER types of speakers?
Piezo Electric (Tweeters)
Plasma (Laser shit that vibrates air)
How many volts does a microphone emit?
Less than one, maybe 1/5th?
Ribbon speakers and microphones have what in common?
What is it good for?
Corrugated aluminum.
It’s good for high frequencies.
Tweeters are used in conjunction with what?
A speaker is a tweeter and woofer. Mids and highs go to what? Lows go to what?
Mids and Highs go to the tweeter. Lows go to the woofer.
Describe a crossover.
It divides the sound frequency spectrum (20Hz-20kHz) into regions. It’s how the mids and highs are decided to go to the tweeter and the lows to the woofer.
Can one speaker reproduce 20Hz-20kHz?
No one speaker can reproduce 20Hz-20kHz.
A tweeter is too small to reproduce low frequencies and vise versa.
N’ shit.
What is a horn?
A tweeter but louder, used on P.A. systems.
What do ports do?
Ports allow for low frequencies to escape (usually in the front).
4 volts = __ on a VU meter.
4 volts = 0, line level, on a VU meter.
Sound travels in what direction?
What’s the difference between lows and mids and highs?
All directions.
Lows are more omnidirectional between mids and highs.
Powered Speaker Cables go to what kind of speaker?
Passive speakers.
What is a speaker enclosure?
The box, body that the speaker’s in.
Describe a passive speaker. Describe an active speaker.

Passive speakers have no amp within the enclosure, it needs external amp, and powered signals are sent to it.

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Active speakers have an amp in it, a power switch, it plugs into the wall, takes an XLR (balanced signal).

Tweeter and woofer = ___ ___ speaker?
Tweeter, mid range and woofer = _____ ___ speaker?
Tweeter and woofer = Two way speaker.
Tweeter, mid range and woofer = Three way speaker.
Describe what a passive crossover does. Descrive what an active crossover does.

A passive crossover takes a powered signal and divides sound frequency spectrum.


Active crossovers receive an unpowered signal (line) and sends out divided frequencies (still unpowered).

Active speakers have what kind of crossover?
Active speakers have passive crossovers.
Mic & Line ? _______?
Speaker = _______?
Mic & Line ? Powered
Speaker = Powered
Speakers either come in ?, ?, and ? ohms.
Speakers either come in 4, 8, 16 ohms.
Pro Audio, 600 ohms.
Dude, I don’t know…
An electric guitar gives out how many ohms?
8k-10k ohms.
What size woofers are able to emit 20Hz?
18″ woofers.
Describe damping factor.
The measurement of how quickly a speaker’s cone reacts to an audio signal.
What is transient response?
How quickly a mic’s diaphragm reacts to a sound wave.
The longer the cable, the _____ the damping (factor).
The longer the cable, the worse the damping (factor). High damping reacts quicker. Low damping is bad.
Do active speakers have higher or lower damping compared to a passive speaker?
Active Speakers have higher damping because the cable is right next to the amp.
Sub woofers are a separate speaker enclosure.
Rajah dat.