List mic, line, and speaker from weakest to strongest.
Lowest, Lower, Highest (Unpowered, Unpowered, Powered)
List a non-linear device.
Compressor, limiter.
What kind of crossover does an active speaker have?
A passive crossover.
Explain temporal fusion.
When a sound’s reflection occurs too quickly after the direct sound to distinguish one from the other.
What is delay?
The time interval between echoes.
List four types of reverb systems.
Acoustic Echo Chamber
Spring Reverb
What is pre delay?
The pause before an effect activates.
What is hi frequency damping?
The filter of a reverb’s frequency response.
What is diffusion on a reverb effects processor?
How smooth or grainy the reverb is.
How many milliseconds later does a reflection need to be heard after direct sound to be distinguished as an echo?
35-50+ milliseconds.