How many tracks are on a board?
There are no tracks, it’s channels.
What is Auxiliary?
In addition to.
Explain what a Post Fader Aux Send?
Explain what a Pre Fader Aux Send?
A Post Fader Aux Send makes a copy of the signal and sends it to the headphones or effects processor after the fader (EQ, processed signal).

A Pre Fader Aux Send makes a copy of the signal and sends it to the headphones effects processor before the fader, right from the pre amp (raw signal).

What does PFL and AFL stand for?
Pre Fader Listen
After Fader Listen
What is a signal processor?
Changes or modifies a signal.
What is Insert?
Access point (in/out) for a channel or buss. Processes the whole signal.
Aux processes ___ of the signal.
Aux processes some of the signal.
What are two ways of accessing signal processors?
Aux Sends and Inserts.
What is a Pan Pot?
Panoramic Potentiometer, controls the flow of electricity between the L buss output.
What is found at the patch bay?
All the ins and outs of all the equipment in the studio.
What are the four main types of Signal Processors?
Spectrum, Time, Amplitude/Dynamics, and Noise.
Give two examples of a Spectrum Processor.
Frequencies (EQ, Filter).
What does TRS stand for?
Tip, Ring, and Sleeve.
Is Insert balanced or unbalanced?
Filter cuts
Give examples of a Time Signal Processor.
Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch Shit.
Give examples of an Amplitude/Dynamic Signal Processor.
Volume, Level (Limiter, DeEsser, Compressor, Noise Gate).
Give examples of a Noise Signal Processor.
Adds or removes noise (Dolby, DBX, Funk Logic Masterizer, Izotope Vinyl).
What do Filters do in comparison to what an equalizer does?
Filters only cut frequencies while Equalizers can boost or cut.