What is distortion?
The appearance of something added to the reproduced signal that wasn’t in the original.
What is overload distortion?


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When a signal or DBSPL is too much for an audio device to handle.

What is harmonic distortion?
The distortion of a timbre’s upper harmonics but not its fundamental.
What is soft clipping?
A digital algorithm that emulates analog clipping, it rounds off the squares of clipping.
What is the only outboard gear in Studio B that has soft clipping?
The TC Finalizer.
Explain THD.
Total Harmonic Distortion. How much an amp or speaker will distort a sound as it’s turned up louder (the measurement of audio quality).

The lower the number, the less distortion.

Describe what a crossover does.
It divides the sound frequency spectrum into regions, it’s what tells the highs to go to the tweeter and lows to go to the woofer.
What is crossover distortion.
Distortion at the crossover frequency.
Passive crossover takes a(n) amplified/unamplified signal.

Active crossover takes a(n) amplified/unamplified signal.

Passive crossover takes a powered signal.

Active crossover takes an unamplified signal.

Describe an active speaker.
Plugs into a wall, has amp inside, takes in an unpowered XLR or 1/4″ TRS.
Describe a passive speaker.
Needs an external amp, takes in powered signal, has a passive crossover.
Describe a bi-amped speaker.
Has an active crossover (unamplified signals) and has two amps in it, boosting highs and lows separately.
What kind of compressor does a radio station use?
A tri-band compressor.

Mix a song for the radio’s bass soft so the radio’s compressor makes the bass louder.

What is aysterisus (or something)?
The delay from a magnet pushing another.
What is in interpolation.
A guesstimate.
What is non-linearity?
Input ? Output
Describe what a ratio on a compressor means for 2:1.
For every one decibel that passes the threshold, the signal is reduced by two dB.