Describe a what a crossover does.
It divides frequencies into regions. It’s what tells the highs to go to the tweeter and lows to go to the woofer.
What is a turnover frequency?
The frequency selected on a shelving equalizer.
Define amplitude in acoustics and psychoacoustics.
Acoustics: How big or tall a sound wave is.
Psychoacoustic: How loud or soft humans perceive a sound.
What is dynamic range?
The volume or signal level between minimum and maximum.
Psychoacoustic processors could be a spectrum processor.
Define clipping.
Overload distortion.
What is the sound frequency spectrum?
The range of frequencies from 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
What are the two elements of audio?
Amplitude & Frequency.
What is the intensity of a sound wave measured in?
What is the power of an audio signal measured in?
What is voltage in dB measured in?
What is VU?
Volume Units. It shows the average signal level.
What is PPM?
Peak Program Meter. It shows the exact signal level.
What do humans perceive, VU or PPM?
Humans perceive VU, average volume level.
What is headroom?
The range between 0 VU and clipping. It allows for a signal to peak in without clipping.
In studio B, 0 VU = -14.
Everything electric doesn’t make noise.
What is noise floor?
How much ambient noise in an acoustical space (acoustic or electrical phenomenon).
Describe transmission loss.
The reduction of DBSPL of a source sound as it passes through an acoustic barrier.
Describe the two ways acoustic isolations works.
Sound that occurs outside of a room stays outside and doesn’t leak in. Sound that occurs within a room stays inside and doesn’t leak out.
What are the dynamic ranges of medias?
AM: 30 dB
FM: 50 dB
Magnetic Tape: 60 dB
CD: 90 dB
What do compressors do?
They make soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer.
What do limiters do?
They allow for sounds to get only so loud.
What is the dynamic range of human hearing?
0 – 140 dB
What is threshold control?
The user set level that tells the processor when to work. If a signal doesn’t pass the threshold, it won’t activate.
What is a parameter?
Anything one can change.
What is ratio control?
It’s what controls the strength of the processor once the signal passes the threshold.
Describe what a gate does.
It allows the loudest amplitude to be heard.
What is a plugin?
A virtual signal processor.
What is a ducker?
Something that externally triggers a threshold?
What is sibilance? What are its frequencies?
S’s, Ch’s, and Z’s. 5k – 9kHz
Define stereo buss output.
The combination of all channels that signal goes through.
Define the control room level.
A copy of the signal output that’s played through the speakers.
What causes sound?
Vibrational disturbance.
What is jitter?
A time-based error.
What’s an aux return?
A line insert where effects return to the console which does not take up a channel.
Explain ground hum.
Electricity stuck in a circuit trying to find its way to the ground.