What is a potentiometer?
A variable resistor that controls the flow of electricity between minimum and maximum (It’s not boosting volume, it’s allowing more energy that’s already there).
Potentiometer vs. Switch
Dimmer vs. Light Switch
What is a virtual console?
Looks like a mixing console but on a screen.
48 Volt is used to power which kind of microphone?
Condenser/capacitor microphones.
What is capacitor?
Holds energy, stores electrical charge.
What are the Three System?
Input System, Output System, and Monitor System.
What is the Input System/Pre Amp?
Signal goes into console (signal level adjuster).
How many millivolts equal one volt?
1000 millivolts equal 1 volt.
What is a Load Stone?
A rock that has a magnetic field.
What are the two types of input?
Mic – Weak signal. Pre Amp amplifies mic signal.
Line – Already amplified signal.
What’s parameter?
Anything that you can change, e.g. panoramic potentiometer, fader, etc.
Name mic, line, and speaker from lowest to highest.
Mic (Low), Line (Mid), Speaker (High).
What is impedance?
What is it measured in?
Resistance on an electrical circuit (ohms ?). Hi Z, Low Z.
What is DI?
Direct Insertion.
What does phase reverse do?
Phase reverse reverses the phase to avoid beats or canceling two sound wanes out.
8k-10k ? > DI Box > ___ ??
8k-10k ? > DI Box > 600 ??
What does pad do?
Cuts level by __ (10, 12 dBs), allowing one to turn the gain up (only when when peaking at the gain’s lowest level).
What is gain?
Signal Level.
Explain Bass Rolloff/Hi Pass Filter.
Explain Low Pass filter.
Explain Band Pass Filter.
Base Rolloff/Hi Pass Filter – Frequencies below cutoff are cutoff (Highs-Pass-Filter, at 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz).
Low Pass Filter – Frequencies above cutoff and cutoff (Lows-Pass-Filter, 2kHz).
Band Pass Filter – Has high cutoff and low cutoff (telephone effect).

Filters only cut.

Explain the Output System.
What is buss?
Signal combiner and transporter.
What is Pan Pot?
Panoramic Potentiometer, it controls flow of electricity between L buss outputs.
Explain the Monitor System.
Controls speaker & headphone output independently of the Output System.
Explain objective and subjective.
Objective is factual.
Subjective is opinionated.
What is temporary threshold shift in acoustics and psychoacoustics.
Acoustics – Muscles clamping down on the hammer, anvil, and stirrup to stop it from vibrating.
Psychoacoustics – Cotton in one’s ears.
Explain dynamic range.
Volume range; signal level between minimum and maximum.
The power of an audio signal is measured in ______?
The power of an auto signal is measured in DBM/DBU.
What is proximity effect?
When a cardioid patterned microphone is too close it a sound source, the bass frequencies overpower mid & hi frequencies.
Explain the difference between a balanced and unbalanced line.
A balanced line carries audio signal with three wires, hot, cold and ground.
An unbalanced line carries an audio signal with two wires, hot and cold (+ -).