Describe the cochlea.
It’s where frequencies are detected and it’s one’s center of balance.
2.5 kHz and above _______ off of a head.
2.5 kHz and above reflect off of a head.
Explain temporary threshold shift.
Acoustic: When one;s muscles clamp down on to his or her hammer, anvil, and stirrup to stop it vibrating so much due to short term loud sound. Psychoacoustic: Cotton in one’s ears.
Explain tinnitus.
Acoustic: Cilia being stimulated so much that they break off or are about to break off.

Psychoacoustic: Ringing in one’s ears.

List four types of signal processors.
Spectrum (EQ/Filter)
Time (Reverb, Delay, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser)
Amplitude/Dynamics (Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Expander)
Noise (Dolby, DBX, Izotope Vinyl, Funk Logic Masterizer)

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EQs can _____ and ___.

Filters only ___.

EQs can boost and cut.

Filters only cut.

What does the frequency response curve of a device show?
Linearity (line level)
Efficiency (equal to)
Deficiency (Less than)
Hyper Sensitivity (greater than)
Range of frequencies.
A spectrum analyzer shows the frequency response curve in real time.
List two equalization principals.
Peak dip and shelving.
List two frequency characteristics of peak dip. Explain the two.
Center frequency: The highest/lowest frequency point in the middle of a peak dip. Bandwidth (Q): The range of affected frequencies from left to right of the center frequency.
The narrower the bandwidth, the less frequencies affected and vise versa.
Descrive a shelving characteristic.
Turnover Frequency: The frequency selected on a shelving equalization where all frequencies from 20Hz or 20kHz to the selected frequency are either boosted or cut.
The frequency selected on a filter is called what?
The cutoff frequency.
Describe ground frequency hum.
A notch filter: Gets rid of one specific frequency.
When mixing on the board, set the kick to __ on the VU meter.
When mixing on the board, set the kick to -7 on the VU meter.
What is an equalizer?
Equalizer – An amplifier that can boost or attenuate groups of frequencies.