We chose to do the musical Grease
The composer of Grease is Jim Jacobs,
and the Librettist is Warren Casey.
Grease is set in a small town called Rydell. In the beginning, the characters are headed back to school for their last year at Rydell High. Danny, one of the main characters, is a member of the T-Birds. Danny is only interested in cars, girls, and hanging out with his friends: Kenickie, Sonny, Roger and Doody. Sandy, another main character, is the new girl in school. Although she doesn’t fit in with the ‘Pink Ladies’ (Rizzo, Jan, Marty and Frenchy) she is bombarded with questions regarding her summer romance with Danny.
Sandy and Danny randomly run into each other and while she is thrilled to see him again, Danny isn’t sure how hanging out with a ‘ good’ girl will affect his image.
Marty and Frenchy decide to include Sandy in their circle by inviting her to a sleepover but she is ignored by Rizzo because she just doesn’t fit in with the gang.
The boys, meanwhile, meet up at the garage to see Kenickie’s new car. The others think it’s a piece of junk, but Danny and Kenickie persuade them it will be a great way to attract the girls.
Sandy bumped into Danny again and things were still awkward between them. Meanwhile, all the kids meet up on the football field. The atmosphere becomes light, almost as if there is a party, and everyone seem to enjoy their friendships.
Some of the well known songs are look at me, i’m sandra-dee, greased lightning, we go together, hopelessly devoted to you, beauty school drop out, and you are the one i want
theese are some pictures from the musical