contenance angloise
early 15th century english music
consonance with 3rds and 6ths
black mensural notation
written cantus an tenor move parallel 6ths and ending in an octave
-third voice parallel 4th below cantus
Mass Cycle
A mass written not in parts to be picked and chosen, but to be played sequentially like a suite
Requiem Mass
Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons
cantus-firmus-mass (tenor mass)
has same cantus firmus for each mvt of the mass
cantus firmus usually isorhythmic
Parody mass
a mass that uses part of a former piece of music as part of the melody
Plainsong Mass
based on gregorian chant
chant only in tenor
Motto Mass
movements all begin with same motive
Imitation Mass
multiple voices of a chanson are used in the mass
mensuration canon
melody is accompanied by imitations of the melody in other voices
double canon
a canon with two simultaneous themes