Uillean Pipes

A traditional irish instrument, a bit like the bagpipes

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A violin played differently to a classical violin. it would have less vibrato, and use lots of trills, slides and grace notes
A guitar like instrument that has 4 pairs of strings. (Traditional irish)
Overall texture of Yiri – main melody and accompaniment
The texture in Yiri found in the instrumental solo when the fiddle/accordian/Uillean pipes play a similar melody
Fast alternation between two notes found in the violin at the start of the piece
Compound time signature (Metre)
A time signature in which a main pulse can be sub-divided in to smaller groups. E.g 12/8 has four main beats, sub-divided in to 12 quavers.
What is the language spoken in this song?
What is the key of Capercaillie?
What is the starting tonality?
In the chorus, the tonality changes to:
What is the structure of Capercaillie?
The song has an INTRO, 8 verses, an instrumental break and an OUTRO. Verse 4 sounds a bit like a chorus as women join in singing VOCABLES
What are VOCABLES?
Vocables are nonsense syllables sung by the group of women to keep them involved in the song.
What scale does the vocal melody use?
Which describes the bouzouki?


Which of these is an acoustic instrument?