1ST Programmed Game
Alex Douglas. Programmed “Noughts and Crosses” on EDSAC
1st Video Game
William Higinbotham creates “Tennis for Two” 1958
First game that adapted to how you played. created by Steven Russell MIT Student.
The Odyssey by Magnavox
First home gaming system. Created by Ralph Baer.
Nolan Bushnell
Founder of Atari
Atari 1st game is
Dragon’s Lair
First game to use laserdisc technology.
“I, Robot” by Atari
1st game to use 3D polygon models.
The Channel F VES
1st programmable home system (8 bit)
Atari VCS/2600
1st very successful home system, longest selling (8 bit) SpaceInvader fueled sales.
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Sued by creator of Pac Man because Magnavox had a similar game called Casey Munch ’em (8 bit)
Mattel Intellivision
Superior Graphics 16 bit, but had 8 bit performance
Unseated Atari in 1983
Great Video Game Crash
NES outsells competition 10 to 1.
NEC Turbo-GrafX Sega Genesis
16 Bit System
Super NES
16 Bit System
Nintendo and Sony playstation
16 bit, CD-ROM add-on
1st 3D First person shooter
1992, Wolfenstein
Entertainment Software Rating Board -Established 1993
CD based
Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn (32/64bit)
Cartridge based (32/64 bit)
Sega Dreamcast
1st 128 bit system
Sony PlayStation 2
128 bit system
4 Basic elements players want:
Challenge-Socialize-Emotional experience-Escape reality
The Treatment
Used to sell game idea
The Design Document
2 basic sections. 1. Internal Document (programming) 2. External Document (business and marketing)
Involved in creation of a game
The publisher and Developer (Game design team can be under either)
The Publisher
Executive Producer (like EA sports), Producer (oversees every product line), Associate Producer (windows) Associate Producer (Xbox360) Associate Producer (Playstation 3)
Quality Assurance
Both do check on games Progress. Tester and Customer Service “GOLD” means it’s ready.
Animated 2D
Sound Design Document
List of all sounds needed for game
Original Docs
called for 42 sounds
Sound for Games
File Size restricted. “Event Based” SFX stored in RAM
Music and Ambience is
Streamed from disc
Software Development Kit (Technologies for game creators)
Software that allows for sound intergration with programming.
Game Engine
Software that adjust animation based on player input
Game Loop
Repetitive operation of engine (Gathers player input, updates game state, renders image)INPUT, UPDATE, RENDER
Application Programming Interface – Library of code instruction, Convert generic messages into hardware specific messages
Hardware Rendering
Rendering Instruction “hard wired” to chip, Faster than relying solely on CPU