Edgard Varese
Experimental composer and FZ influence. Zappa read an article on him was he was 13 describing his music as the “ugliest music ever”
The Ramblers
Zappa’s first R and B group, he was the drummer
The Blackouts
Zappa’s second R & B group. Was scandalous because it was mixed-race
Don Van Vilet
Zappa’s high school best friend. Later took name Captain Beefheart and did vocals on Hot Rats
Run Home Slow
Zappa was given the chance to write soundtrack for this movie in high school, but they ran out of money and production was finished after HS
Paul Buff
Owner of Pal studios, Zappa’s first recording studio in California. Zappa later bought the studio from him.
The Big Surfer
Zappa produced early album making fun of surfers. Later bought by Capital Records
The World’s Greatest Sinner
Zappa wrote the score for this move in 1963 – bizarre movie
Mt. Saint Mary’s
Zappa hired an orchestra to play at Mt. Saint Mary’s College
Ray Collins
Mothers of Invention singer, R & B. Originally from band Soul Giants. Quits the band and re-joins a lot
“How’s Your Bird”
Ray Collins and Frank Zappa write this song, based on a catch phrase from The Tonight Show
Steve Allen
Host of Steve Allen show. Zappa gets on this show by playing music with a bicycle
Jimmy Carl Black
Originally from the Soul Giants. Zappa’s drummer
Davy Coronado
Soul giants/Mothers sax player
Pal Studios
Studio where Zappa first played. Zappa later bought this studio from Paul Buff
Studio Z
Zappa changes Pal Studio’s name to Studio Z. Zappa lives here after divorce
Soul Giants
Band consisting of Ray Collins, Davy Coronado Roy Estrada, and Jimmy Carl Black. Later become Mothers of Invention with Zappa
Roy Estrada
Soul Giants/Mothers bass player. Later forms Little Feat with Lowell George
Henry Vestine
joined as guitar player. quits because the stuff becomes too experiment.
Herb Cohen
The Mother’s manager. Made produce Tom Wilson listen to the Mothers.
Canned Heat
Henry Vestine quits The Mothers to start this band
Tom Wilson
Producer that made rock version of “Sounds of Silence”. He signs the Mothers of Invention based on their white guy blues-y sound.
Elliot Ingber
Elliot Ingber becomes the guitarist after Henry Vestine quits. Later gets fired for drug use
Don Preston
Mother’s keyboard player
Bunk Gardner
Winds player
Billy Mundi
drums player
Motorhead Sherwood
Baritone sax player
Conceptual Continuity
The idea that Zappa’s albums are all one piece of music and contain references to other parts of other albums
Garrick Theater
Frank rents the Garrick Theater in New York. Has two shows a night
Nick Venet
Producer at Capitol Records
Cal Schenkel
Artist for Mother’s album covers
Ian Underwood
keyboard/wind player. Classically trained
Musique concrete
A term for using oscillators to make weird instrument sounds and changing them with tape recorders later
Art Tripp
Become Mothers percussionist. Classically trained, used marimaba/xylophone
Ruth Komanoff
Mother’s percussionist. Later marries Ian Underwood
FZ’s record label. Bizarre albums would be on bizarre; striag
Sugarcane Harris
R and B violinist. played on hot rats, weasels, and burt weeny sandwich.
Little Feat
After Zappa fired the Mothers, Lowell George and Roy Estrada formed “Little Feat”
“Memories of El Monte”
Song by Frank Zappa and Ray Collins
Buzz Gardner
Brother of Bunk Gardner. Played trumpet with zapPA
Lowell George
Was a Mothers guitarist on Weasel Ripped my Flesh, but kicked out because of drug use
The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention
A 12-LP set that Zappa wanted to sell, but never could get enough interest