What are the aesthetic Universals? (7) Who identified them?
*Non-utilitarian Pleasure
*Special Focus

*Dennis Dutton

How do you prepare for an interview? (4)
*Soul searching- Am I really qualified for this job?

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*Learn exactly your responsibilities before the interview? call teachers, learn about supplement, ect.

*Study thorouly the ISD and school web site. Visit the school campus and at least look around the campus before the interview

*The Day of the Interview, dress professionally, leave earlier than you would expect. Learn superintendent names, fine arts director, interviewer, and building principal(s)

What is the correct protocol at the interview? (7)
*Shake hands firmly

*Listen actively

*Instead of asking questions as they come to your mind, TAKE NOTES and ask questions either at the end of the interview, or when prompted.

*Don’t ask about salary. You should have already seen the online salary table.

What is CBDNA? How is it divided?
*College Band Directors National Association

*Divided into districts, then schools.

What is the Midwest Clinic? Where is it held and how often?
*Biggest/best convention for music educators

*Held annually in Chicago

Why do private lessons?
It focuses individualized attention and provides a good model of tone and technique.
What is the 8 steps for setting up private lessons?
*Devise sample procedure document and contract.

*Obtain permission from the building principal; ISD superintendent and school board if needed
*Create a master list of private teachers; use resources like area studios, college students, other directors.

*Promote the idea through your music booster organization and by meeting with students

*Do criminal background checks of potential teachers and interview them

*Introduce potential private teachers through bios on your website (or personal visits)

*Have teachers and students agree on lesson day each week; sign contracts, keep copies for yourself

*monitor progress frequently at first with both teacher and student; insist that teachers give written assignments and evaluation.